Fabian Basabe Can’t Hold His Vodka

July 13th, 2005 // 44 Comments

I always knew he was weak. When Fabian Basabe isn’t spewing racial epithets at black bouncers, he basks in his own spotlight.

A wasted Fabian Basabe is not a pretty sight.

Fabian Basabe angrily spewed racial epithets at black bouncers after he was thrown out of the Star Room in Wainscott Saturday night for being “aggressively drunk,” several witnesses said. Basabe, was “well on his way to being completely hammered” by 11:30 p.m., said one witness. “He was swinging from the rafters like an orangutan, and when security dragged him down he started dancing like a madman, taking his clothes off and rubbing up against several guys,” the witness said.

At one point, Basabe jumped on a booth and came crashing down on Lizzie Grubman, whose shoe broke, and fellow publicist Lauren Kucerak. Basabe also shoved p.r. man Jonathan Cheban and managed to knock over three $300 bottles of vodka.

A witness relates: “Randy, the security man, repeatedly asked Fabian to calm down and stop banging into other people, and Fabian threw his black American Express card at Randy’s feet and said, ‘Don’t worry about what I am doing, here’s my Amex!’ ” At that point Randy escorted Basabe outside, where the insufferable “it” boy “became very violent and aggressive.” Basabe, who had left a sweater inside, started screaming at the black bouncers, “I want my navy blue Prada! I speak six [bleeping] languages, I have diplomatic immunity . . . Do you understand me, Negros? You [bleep]ing Negros!” “There was an audible gasp from the crowd,” said a spectator.

Basabe was tearfully apologetic yesterday. Whatever. How about this. By yourself another fucking navy blue Prada sweater.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who this jerk is? Would someone mind filling me in?

  2. Erin

    Is it just me or does the chick riding on his shoulders look like Lindsay Lohan’s mom?

  3. c

    The girl on his sholders is Haley Girlado… Pat Benatar’s daugther!!!

  4. How can he afford Prada and he being only middle-class? Has Prada finally lost its ground and began its descent into mass market appeal?

    I will now spend the rest of the day grieving.

  5. Anon

    Here’s an idea for a reality show:
    Have Fabian come to Dayton Ohio and pull that shit and watch him freak out when nobody knows who the hell he is. I guess that show is called “The Simple Life Season 1″ but still…with Fabian, imagine the meltdowns!

  6. /-\Alexander/-\

    He’s just waiting to get his ass kicked.

  7. What an insufferable putz – hiding behind money and reality tv fame. “I speak 6 languages I have diplomatic immunity” – try having an ounce of character and self respect you pathetic fool.

    I’m so annoyed by people lately.

  8. Steve

    “I speak 6 languages, I have diplomatic immunity…”

    who cares and Not to be a jerk off you don’t.

    I think the “Negros” should have kicked his ass to and shoved his huge ego up it before leaving this waste of skin in a dumpster.

  9. Jen

    Diplomatic immunity my ass.

  10. Kelly

    who is this guy and how did he get a black american express card? Can someone elaborate?? Lizzy Grubman should have kicked his ass, shes one tough cookie

  11. doofus

    and I thought that *I* was the only one who didn’t know he this jerk is.

    so, who IS he?

  12. boring


  13. *Micha*

    Don’t you have to be a diplomat to have diplomatic immunity? As for the racial stuff he needs his punk-european-wannabe-hispanic-ass kicked! Bad!

    Sadly this event will probably help his “career” so that people actually know who he is.

    Unless I’m making fun of him, he’s on my Paris HIilton List of Ignore them til they go away.

  14. Cynthia

    I have no idea who he is either! Someone please tell us?

  15. Ferg

    He’s some random socialite as far as we could figure out on OHNOTHEYDIDNT!

  16. Jean Jeannie


  17. If you care so little about who he is and what he does, why do you post a comment here?

  18. Bob

    Fabian should have his ass kicked!! He didnt earn anything for himself and the sad thing is that he is proud of that. He is such a punk ass bitch! I would love the opportunity to kick his F-ing ass!!


    GUYS>>HIS FATHER IS A RICH< RICH GUY> Owns many realestate property all over the world. He comes from Equador lives in NYC and is aired to millions!!!!!

  20. Diana

    Fabian is a waste of everyone’s time! He is a worthless person with no soul or respect for anyone. He has no idea how the world works…all he knows how to do is use his wallet and call his “lawyers” to get what he wants. Some upstanding gentleman…he can’t even speak well enough to handle any situation. He is a coward and a spoiled, incompetent loser. He is not someone who should be admired or even noticed…to me he is a nobody. He has never had to work a day in his life and has no idea what it means to be proud or successful. When everything is handed to you on a silver platter some people, including Fabian, become self-righteous, self-involved, malicious, despicable, horrid people who never deserve anything they have and who do not deserve to live on this Earth. I hope everyone can see right through his repulsive facade and into the truth of this shallow, pathedic excuse for a human being. He is truely the scum of the Earth and doesn’t deserve anymore of my time!

    PS I love Honorable Alexander Clifford and I think he is magnificent and I would love to meet him! He is a true gentleman on every level and he is true star! He is also really gorgeous!

  21. JB

    Sadly, I know who he is. He’s on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive along with Pat Benetar’s daughter. He’s an insufferable ass on the show.

  22. KT

    I saw him for the first time ever on TV today, and I already hate him SOOOOO much!!!!!!!

  23. Rachel

    Diana said it best. Except I would add “scared, spolied little punk who needs to be punched in the face”. It’d be worth the lawsuit to see him cry like the little girl he is!

    If he were to get what he deserved, he would lose all his money… by a lawsuit…. and have to work and struggle along side all those people he’s insulted and degraded over the years. That would be great!

    Fabian is waste of space closet homo.

  24. Karenssay

    This guy is the biggest jerk I have ever seen. He is disrespectful and does not care about anyone else. He thinks just because he has money he can do anything he wants. I would like to see someone punch him out!!! He needs to be put in his place. If he is gay why is he running around with women and is married. I would not be married to this jerk. He needs to go back home with Daddy, then he can do anything he wants. He needs to go to jail for a few weeks. I wish Jared on the “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive” had thrown that bucket of water on him. It is ok for him to play jokes on people but no one can do it to him. He can dish it out but, he cannot take it. My mother use to say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. This is what he needs to do. I wish he had to go to work in the factory and listen to a boss!!!

  25. kev

    the twat squats to pee and if i ever haver the displeasure of meeting him he is going to get a knuckle sandwich.

  26. Max Hunter

    I can’t stand it any longer. I was hoping that he was just being scripted as a complete jerk on “Filthy Rich” but alas I was wrong. I’m personally requesting from my sen. and rep. to recind his “diplomatic immunity” for abuse. This is not the reason we as a country offer it to diplomats.

  27. ms.lilyi

    I guess money can’t buy you everything(INTELLIGENCE)!…too bad for Fabian, maybe if he had an ounce of intelligence he would be able to speak with knowledege, not ignorance.

  28. Claire

    Fabian is a fucking asshole. I really hope he rots in hell soon. He isn’t worth shit. Also, Pat Benatar’s daughter sucks. She is stupid and annoying.

  29. Lulu Lily

    Perhaps Fabian is angry because his name is Fabian. Sue might have been a better choice. If I ever have a son I’m gonna name him Bill or George anything but Fabian.

    Sadly the truth about Fabian is that he is mentally ill. He’s just a simple pathetic messed up bully that didn’t grow up. He must be really sad and lonely. Whats worse though is that Pat Benatar’s daughter thinks he’s smart and quick witted. Poor Pat Benatar she must be so ashamed.

  30. DW

    What a waste of a prophylactic

    ie: his daddy used a condom, but it broke and we got stuck with the results

  31. Gee

    Fabian is human waste. He is so low and disgusting that his behavior isn’t remotly excuseable. If there is a god Fabian would die in the most akward and humiliating manner that would expose his obviously homosexual tendencies. I can’t imagine why he still has friends because being linked with Fabian publicly has got to be bad for your soul let alone your PR. It’s just gross. His soul is black. Fabians exisitance alone is proof that there is no God.

  32. katie

    i think Fabian’s kinda hot!!!

  33. Joan

    I am so glad that I found this site. The world has to know what a sociopath Fabian is. He is disgusting. I can’t even look at him without curling my lip in disgust. His parents should do something about him now before they find him in the gutter somewhere having been beat to a pulp by the one guy that finally has taken too much of his shit, and his gay tendancies. What a flaming queer he is. And Pat Benatar, I never thought you would raise a daughter that worships such a devil. the pleasure you couls see in her face when Fabian was lashing out at Alexander is unforgivable. So sad, oh so sad. I thank God for my family who work for everything they get, and even more for everything they give. I never heard of Fabian before this show, and I sure hope the networks don’t make him the Omorosa of 2006.

  34. Gloria Alva

    I watched the marathon of Filthy Rich and see only that the Honorable Alexander Clifford is amazing. He IS a gentleman and has remained quite impressive throughout. He is the one person that sticks out in this show worthy of being from the class he is of in this generation. He IS a beautiful Soul. Fabian’s actions speak for themselves. If you think that he is in anyway attractive that only speaks to what attracts you in life. Reflections…..

  35. Marc

    Fabian is the worst excuse for a human being that I have ever seen. What a ridiculous baby! “I’m gonna call my lawyer!” Go right ahead, you “pansy-assed mamma’s boy”! Alexander should have knocked the crap out of Fabian, but he’s too much of a gentleman to do that. What is sad is that Alexander is upset about not having Fabian as a friend. Alexander, bless his heart, must see that that he is so much better off not having that loser in his life. Yes, there are so many ways that people can be losers…even if they are filthy rich. What really got me was that NO ONE stood up for Alexander! And that Haley…! What a total slime! Pat Benetar must be very ashamed to have raised such a moral-less, spineless daughter whose feelings don’t go below sea level. I could go on and on. But, to close the Honorable Alexander Clifford would be well advised to not take one word of Fabian’s to heart. For goodness sake, Alexander is so much the better person…now all of America knows it! I am ashamed, myself, that someone like Fabian can call himself an American and then talk to people and put down other nationalities the way his does. Well, what goes around comes around. I don’t give excuses to people anymore. They choose to behave the way that they do. They ARE responsible for it…and words do sometimes kill. I tip my hat to the Honorable Alexander Clifford, and wish him a long heathy and full contented life with true and real friendships. He deserves it. He is a class-act!

  36. Gloia Alvia

    Too Che’

  37. GloA

    Yeah Too Che. Am amazed that Haley would not stick up for Alexander and did she actually ask Alexander if he was sorry. It is weird though with these kind of reality shows what we can believe. If the network wants to make it more dramatic they have a way of twisting scripts to suit themselves. It was obvious without any transitions that Fabian has made his bed but it was just too rediculous to think that no one would stick up for him. They may be spoiled but there was defidently some people that were there at that moment like Ferigno that would not have put up with it. It really made Haley look bad though and also they made her look like someone who really had no Independence of her own. She seemed completely helpless and i can not even believe that she would go as far as saying Fabian is smart, i was trying to figure out if it was some sort of scripted theatrics as well. Anyhow, i still think that Alexander stood out to be a really wonderful person, capable of his heir. As well as George F. who was obviously a worker and a really nice guy. I just think that Alexander did not get the credit that he deserved. In any case this show was quite revealing in many ways….

  38. Kristen

    Ohhh…look….it’s Fabian and Squeaky Fromme….Oops…I mean Haley Giraldo!

  39. Whitney

    I’m so glad the show is over i HATE Fabian. I yelled at the TV every night. But then on the other hand i LOVE Alexander Clifford…i would marry him if he asked me today!!!!!

  40. Alexander

    Thank you to all those who said those lovely things about me! Fabian well knows that everyone hates him. has has called me many times.

    He has alot to think about.

    Lexander Clifford

  41. lilianna

    after watch basabes revolting behavior i wanted to be sick!but what i dont understand is, how can anyone make such a fuking prat out of themselves on TV?doesn’t he realize that he is HATED big time!? i condem any woman who sees anything in him!im thankful that im nothing like him and that the majority of people can recognise the people whe really don’t deserve a place in society…..oh, and go alexander!!!

  42. Andrew

    Just saw this programme in the UK. Bare in mind the fact that I had NO idea who fabian was before I started watching but within 15 mins I was ready to lay out the wanker. Come to the UK Fabian if you dare. There is a whole country of people like me that want to have a little word with you.

  43. toro

    big kiss from Belgium! x

  44. laurie

    how about putting him in a reality show with Jesse James! how long would it take before Jesse kicks his ass?

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