Ezra Miller Smokes, Poses Shirtless For Terry Richardson [PHOTOS]

Ezra Poses For Nylon
Ezra, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman for Nylon.
The Perks of Being...
Nina Dobrev discusses her new movie on Extra.
I believe this is the first time that Ezra Miller has stopped by photographer Terry Richardson’s photo studio. These pics are from Terry’s shoot of Ezra for Rolling Stone magazine.

The pair teamed up for a quirky and very up close and personal photo shoot. Erza’s long locks are gorgeous eyes are prominently featured in the photos.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star has joined an online campaign to raise money so that Native American tribes in South Dakota can purchase land they consider sacred.

Miller and hip hop producer Sol Guy flew to South Dakota last month to film a nine-minute documentary-style video about the land that is being used as part of the online campaign. Miller said the three days he spent in South Dakota learning about the land and the Lakota tribes was life-altering. 

“From the moment I arrived to the moment I departed, I was struck repeatedly by an unshakable sensation that this land truly carried something unspeakably important,” Miller said in an email interview with The Associated Press. “There is a motion and a beauty out there in those hills that words cannot do justice.”

He said the fact that the Lakota tribes have done Sundance ceremonies on the land for thousands of years is a “magical reality,” and that America has erased too much of the land’s true history.

His activism just makes you love him more!