Experts Say Lindsay Lohan ‘Certainly’ Headed Behind Bars

June 13th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

I’m starting to think that jail time is the only thing that will finally burst Lindsay Lohan‘s bubble. The girl is literally living on another planet and prominent L.A. attorneys agree. Lindsay pretty much has no one on her side (aside from her Twitter account, of course!)

After being found in violation of her parole by setting off her SCRAM ankle bracelet at an MTV Movie Awards after party, insiders say that the star is looking for some more quality time locked up not only to a monitoring device, but to the big house!

“I will be very surprised if she doesn’t go to jail,” Santa Monica
criminal defense attorney Steve Cron said. He has no affiliation with Lohan (lucky for him) but knows the L.A. courts well. “I have known Judge Revel for a long time, and she
isn’t one to let people get away with wrong doings. It seems Lindsay
doesn’t care much about anything and has no perception of the real
world. The judge just isn’t going to accept that.”

Her hearing is on July 6. Cron says it is almost a certainty” she will spend some

Hear that Lindsay (pictured still partying hard at Hollywood pool party yesterday!)? That’s one thing you can’t tweet your way out of. 

By Lola Robertson

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