Exotic Dancer Leaves Joey Alone

A Canadian stripper has dropped her lawsuit against Matt LeBlanc, according to E! Online.

The Canadian woman who was suing him for defamation, claiming the actor totally mischaracterized their encounter at a Victoria, British Columbia, strip club in a 2005 National Enquirer article, has dropped her lawsuit against the former Friends star.

Neither LeBlanc’s attorney, Michael Weinsten, nor the plaintiff’s lawyer, Randolph Hammock, has commented on why Stephanie Stephens decided not to go through with the suit, which she filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in August.

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According to local wire reports, Weinsten had been planning to argue during a hearing set for Friday that LeBlanc was exercising his right to free speech when he told the Enquirer about how a night in June 2005 turned into “a personal nightmare” after he and his buddies “drank too much and the situation got out of control.”

LeBlanc, 39, told the tabloid that Stephens approached him and took him to a private room for a lap dance, during which she was all over him.

Meanwhile, Stephens has maintained that LeBlanc’s tale was an attempt on his part to cover up more scandalous behavior.

She stated in her complaint that “all sexual contact between [him] and [her] took place in the privacy of Stephens’ residence,” not at the club, and that his interpretation of her so-called aggression “intentionally slandered her.”

Matt has since separated from his wife of three years. I don’t know what’s worse, that a guy can’t get a lap dance in peace or that Joey made it onto the air. Did you see that show? Good lord, it was bad enough when there were six of them. At least then we were diverted by multiple plots and stunt-casting and we had Chandler. Then you whittle it down to one for an in-depth probe? It could have been worse, we could have been saddled with The Ross Show. My ears are still bleeding from that muthaf*cka’s whining. Between him and Ray Romano, I couldn’t watch sitcoms for ten years. Ugh.