Excuse Me, May I Please Rob Your Store?

ordinarypeopleWho would have thought you could find such good manners in Pittsburgh?

Two sisters pleaded guilty Tuesday to a series of armed, but polite, convenience store robberies.

Carrie Huchel, 33, and her sister, Heather Huchel, 30, robbed seven stores in Allegheny and Washington counties between March 31 and April 7 last year, netting about $1,250. In five robberies, Carrie Huchel wielded a BB gun while her sister drove the getaway car; in two other robberies, they reversed roles, police said.

The sisters were dubbed the “polite” robbers because they always said “please” and “thank you” when demanding the money.

The sisters have told police they were addicted to OxyContin and heroin and robbed to feed their drug habit. The women were arrested after police found them living in their car on May 14 and found clothing, the BB gun and other items tying them to the robberies.

Allegheny County Judge David Cashman told the women they face a maximum of 200 years in prison each when they return for sentencing Aug. 3.

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