Ex-Con Popular, Has Job Options

So this Miami nightlife king/Brooklyn mobster is outta the joint and looking to hit it big in Hollywood. Wasn’t that the plot to Get Shorty or something?

Paciello was the king of Miami nightclubs before the 1993 murder of a Staten Island housewife landed him in jail for eight years. But convicted felons can’t get a liquor license, so that career is out of the question.

Some friends think handsome Paciello – who dated Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Nikki Taylor, Sofia Vergara and other beauties – should become an actor.

“Chris Paciello is a cross between Clark Gable and Clint Eastwood,” says his old friend Jason Itzler, the famous pimp who is expecting to be released from Rikers Island in February.

It’s rumored that Paciello’s old friend from Miami, “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner, plans set to sign Paciello to a multipicture deal and turn him him into Hollywood’s biggest action hero. But a spokeswoman for Ratner denied it.

When one of your job references is “famous pimp”, it could be kinda iffy.

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