Exclusive World Premiere: Heavy Vee “I Don’t Need a Hook”

November 30th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Like Oprah and her “Favorite Things” episode I have been secretly working behind-the-scenes on this for weeks. Negotiating with record label corporate suits and even yanking it out from under another top internet gossip blogger to be able to launch it here, on “A Socialite’s Life” for the first time ever. Am I over selling it? Maybe. But also maybe not. My Medicine card for today was a Tiger which of course means this should be the NEXT BIG VIRAL VIDEO HIT!

Let me introduce to you, as a WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE, the one and only- Heavy Vee!!

By Wayne Ford

  1. Ew

    Wow, it’s like fat, fat, and more fat, and then fat exaggerated by clothes that don’t fit because she’s like, fat.

  2. eh


  3. linda

    this shit is hot!! eff the hataz

  4. whatthe

    this girl is fat as hell, ugly and cant rap for shit,, sorry to tell you but i think the other 99.99999999999999999% of america will agree..

    seriously , i dont think watching a fat girl’s blubber bounce around while she is repeating i dont need a hook over and over again.

    Boring? yes
    Gross? yes
    over all horrible? most definitely

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