Sienna Miller Topless with Balthazar Getty

July 14th, 2008 // 29 Comments

Despite the fact that star of Brothers and Sisters Balthazar Getty is married with four kids, he had no problem getting all kinds of topless cozy with Sienna Miller. The British star of Factory Girl recently split from Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and was spotted cavorting with Balthazar wearing only her bikini bottoms on a boat while on vacation on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I predict a lot more drinking in Rhys’ future.

That is some brazen-ass shit. You can even see the tattoo that Balthazar has of his wife’s name, Rosetta, on his chest. According to a spy who dished to The Sun, ”They were all over each other for the whole afternoon. They had no qualms about showing the world they were together There was lots of kissing and cuddling.”

Yeah, we can see that. The two enjoyed some breakfast and lunch before their voyage. I wonder if Sienna had some sunny-side-up eggs to get in the mood for her afternoon nookie…

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mean Gene

    Okay somebody needs to knock this homewrecker out!! Has she not learned yet how these things will come back around?? She’s gross and a SLUT.

  2. angelchrome

    And I expected absolutely nothing else from her.

  3. stolidog

    um, is that dark haired person a man or a woman in the first picture? Legs like a man, boobs like a woman.

  4. T-Bone

    Women across the globe should make a pact NOT to mess around with other women’s husbands. Why you ask? Well it’s simple really. Families would stay in tact, women wouldn’t be as devastated as they so often are, and men wouldn’t be allowed to “have their cake and eat it to”. Women should always ask the question “what did the wife ever do to me for me to do this to her?”

    However, if this Getty guy is still married, he is FAR more to blame than Sienna Miller. She is simply a single woman looking to hook up with a man. As a married man, it’s HIS responsibility to use restraint.

  5. sarah

    No more Brothers and Sisters for me tried watching it last night but he just turned my stomach. They are both a pair of self centred A***HOLES who obviously don’t believe in karma.

  6. janepitt

    I think they are both share the blame equally for this situation, it couldn’t happen without each persons consent. To be so bold and blatant publicly kissing each other like that shows a complete lack of respect for their families children and parents. Sienna truly has no shame. This is the same woman who two years ago was walking around London crying because Jude had cheated on her with the nanny. She should have revisited those feelings when she decided it was okay to have such a public affair with a married man with children.

  7. jayjay

    Oh dear!

    One word…. Skank!

  8. Jennifer

    Wasn’t she devastated when Jude law cheated on her with the nanny and they werent even married?? What a slut to do this when she knows he is married with 4 children and one of them is an infant !!

  9. sheryl

    She was more into the publicity her victim act would bring her than she was in being really hurt that Jude had an affair. She was living with a man when she met Jude, and left him for Jude, like, right away. Then, she was flirting around and sitting on mens laps (Leo DeCaprio for one) in LA while Jude filmed in New Orleans before Jude ever began his affair. I think he knew something we didn’t…not saying he exhibited correct behavior but just sayin I think she’s the same girl now that she was back then. Jude took way to much heat over this skank. And yeah, they weren’t even married.

  10. Nina

    LOL~~gorgeous!She is stunning and I want her kiss,LOL. But I am so sad that she has not login for three weeks. What happend? You have found someone?

  11. jhv8e

    hohoo, I am not that surprised at all. I saw her profile on the free interracial dating site ……………last week. It said she is interested in seeking a man for sugar daddy on that site!

  12. mk

    She did his wife a favor. The wife walks away with millions and sheds the loser.

  13. Bianca

    Why did you disable right clicks??? Now I can’t open the pics up in tabs! Come on ASL, please change it back. You’re probably going to lose a lot of fans due to this. Please change it back?

  14. Jenny

    Haa! I think she ever joined a celeb/rich dating site ? millionaireLover.Com ? It’s a place for romancing with the rich & celeb….

  15. Jenny

    Haa! I think she ever joined a celeb/rich dating site ? millionaireLover.Com ? It’s a place for romancing with the rich & celeb….

  16. peter

    I like the pictures

  17. yaaa

    You think interesting, check out the tits on the old guy. What a rack!

  18. Zekers

    What about all the married WOMEN that mess around on their husbands? It happens…

    …and Sienna appears to be a person that will never be happy. She comes off as a major narcissist who is in constant need of approval and attention from men. She gets power from taking someone else’s man, but once she wins, she’s on to another conquest.

  19. I=SPY

    Yeah,…. but isn’t that a beautiful boat?

  20. Maggie

    Sienna Miller is a whore. Mr. Getty is a dipshit.

  21. misslala

    They both make me sick. I will never watch anything with them in it again. She’s a slut, and she manages to find all of the guys that are willing to let her slut around with them even though they have wives and children. I can’t believe that they are so blatant about it. Their families must be so proud. Such a skank.

  22. b.SL

    I like boobies. But Sienna doesn’t have great ones. My opinion could be colored that she’s a whore who blatantly tries to steal Kate Moss’s style&mojo, but I really don’t think so.

  23. pam

    am i the only one who finds it odd that she is not only toples with him… but ALL those other people are there too? it’s not like EVERYONE is toples, she’s the only one…hmmmm…???

  24. ONETWO

    How could a girl who knows how it feels to get her heartbroken put another woman and her kids through something like that. Sienna Miller is a whore and she’s just not sympathetic for any relationship so she deserved everything that she got from her relationship with Jude Law

  25. steve

    i’m sorry but this broad still bores me to death.

  26. sheryl

    Steve….LOOOOOOOOL! Soooooooo right!

  27. jj

    eeewww, she needs to put some clothes on. She is hideous!!!

  28. Nifty

    I=spy YOU know quality,haha

    YES!! but can’t make out the Maker..A Riva??

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