EXCLUSIVE: Intern Traci’s Night in Paris

Okay. I wasn’t in Paris. But, I did spend a night in St. Louis with Miss Hilton herself… and by spend a night I mean I watched her grace the red carpet and asked her a few pointless questions before she was to be DJ at St. Louis’ hottest club, HOME at the Ameristar in St. Charles.

Paris showed up just a tad late, which I found to be impressive. She did her thing on the red carpet, striking a few poses in her black dress and skull scarf. I was at the end of the carpet, and she was brought over to answer just a couple questions, and then it happened…

After fretting the whole night over whether or not my dress was appropriate (i.e. hoochie enough) for the evening, Paris comes up and says, “I like your dress.”

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You’ll have to give me a break on the poor video quality– I was trying to ask questions, take photos, and video all at the same time! Somewhere between the shot of her shoes and her face, you can hear her say it.

I think half of the interview is me explaining what I meant when I asked, “What are you doing tomorrow night?” which was really just a way of finding out about whether or not she was officially banned the Oscars.

The other questions are bland (“Tell me about your perfume.” “It smells good. Everyone loves it.”), except when I asked Paris her favorite martini. She was immediately whisked away and I didn’t get an answer — because Paris will not be associated with alcohol unless it is champagne in a can? Who knows.

Benji Madden was supposed to come in on the red carpet, but Paris and Blue from ‘Blue’s Clues” were the only two. Rumor has it that Paris and Benji were snuggled up in the VIP section later that night, which I did not personally see.

The music was great, the club was hot, and I had a fantastic time back in the Midwest. Thanks to HOME Nightclub at Ameristar Casino Resort Spa, Angel Music Group and Cheresse INK for getting me so up close and personal with Paris!