EXCLUSIVE: Madonna And Sean Penn’s ‘Shanghi Surprise’ Remake Secret Meeting

Madonna supposedly met up with ex-husband Sean Penn at the Adour by Alain Ducasse restaurant at the St Regis Hotel last night (January 7, 2009) where they spent three and a half hours dining together in New York City.

We can exclusively report that a waiter overheard the towel lady in the women’s room tell a restaurant patron that she heard the sommelier say that he heard a man who was sitting across the room from Sean Penn and Madonna say that Madonna whispered to Sean that she would love to remake Shanghai Surprise.

Do you believe it? Okay that was completely made up (and that’s how certain magazines and websites that we shall leave unnamed get their scoops). So if they had been dining together (they were both dining at different tables), what do you think they would have talked about?