Exclusive: Guess Who’s Boarding at O’Hare?

December 27th, 2007 // 25 Comments

Find out who the actor is after the jump.

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It’s ‘Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller. The actor sat in the waiting area for approximately 20 minutes or so reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Then proceeded to put on his sunglasses, tug down his cap, and wander over to the Starbucks. After boarding the plane, he proceeded to his seat in Business Class.

By Michael Prieve

  1. Sab

    Any info on when these were taken exactly?

  2. samira


    I ask myself the same question than you !!!

  3. Giulia

    if you google “o’hare” it says: O’Hare International Airport -Official City of Chicago

  4. S_M_G

    Oh to be sitting next to him…sigh…

    For stalkers out there where was he flying into? lol :-)

  5. S_M_G

    IFF he is not a gay man then he is doing a great job at fueling the rumors that he is by reading Vanity Fair.

    Vanity Fair? Seriously? LMAO

  6. Sab

    Vanity Fair a ‘gay’ mag? Um, what? It’s main content is intelligent political and show business articles. Nothing ‘gay’ about it whatsoever. People will be saying that his liking for Starbucks is a sign that he’s gay next. *rolls eyes*

  7. S_M_G

    Haha, I suck! I was thinking of Vogue. Himm…

    Plus BELIEVE ME, I don’t think he is gay. He shouldn’t be :-)

  8. me

    he is sooooooooooo gay

  9. Sometimes I read “for men” magazine… so do you think i’m lesbian??? People are so stupid…

  10. me

    I’m not saying he’s gay because he’s reading
    Vanity Fair. I’m saying he’s gay because he has a boyfriend (actor Luke Macfarlene)

  11. mary

    i could’ve sworn i saw him, and he walked past me and my squeeze last night near the wrigly building…AGAIN!!! he was wearing that same puffy down jacket and a black/grey beannie!..simmilar to the nike puffy jacket and black/grey hat that my fiancee was wearing!!! 8o

  12. em

    #10 Me – how do you know he’s his bf? Stop spreading unsubstantiated rumors. Wentworth has stated he’s straight and his co-stars have stated he’s straight. A walk with a gay guy does not make one gay.

  13. samira

    When I read some comments, I see that there is a lack of maturity in some persons.Think before saying something stupid.
    Respect his privacy and stop making assumptions (if he reads vanity fair, he is a gay, if he likes starbucks, he is a gay, whether he was with luke, he is a gay … ……..) Grow up a little please.

  14. mary

    Perez HIlton has said WM is gay for years.
    He was right

  15. liz

    I think he’s gay too

  16. samira

    Rumors and speculations !!!!! Really, have you got proofs ?????, no.
    Brief, it’s always similar, in every picture of him, this subject returns.
    And in all that, nobody has the answer. Only wentworth himself.

  17. Tokyo-F

    I like him very much, seriously.
    I think he is not gay. but I wondering…
    he had any inferiority complex (?) about woman.
    how do you think…?

  18. samira

    Tokyo F
    You know, we are never sur of anything.
    We don’t know the actor in his truth personality, his tastes, his private life etc……….., we have only an image of him.
    I have the image of him, a nice man , simple, and modest.
    The only information which we have on the actor, it’s through the media (tv, press, interviews, etc …….).
    It’s for this reason, I don’t understand people who make pass their opinions for the real facts.

  19. korrina

    i wonder who are we to judge him or make any commentaries about his life…

  20. samira

    I agree with you korrina

  21. arabella

    Hi!Mary lucky you.I have never heard that someone could see Went “live”.:)I think that we don’t have right to talk about his private life.Let him live in peace,please.

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