BREAKING: Britney’s Bringing Rehab Back–AGAIN!


I wonder if Britney checking herself into rehab evokes the same reaction as Norm walking into “Cheers.”

TMZ has learned that our best girl is now back in rehab for her third go in a little over a week. As a result of this new development, the emergency custody hearing Kevin Federline requested will not be taking place today. We might be apt to think that maybe this is a move on Brit’s part to stall the legal proceedings that could conceivably have her children taken out of her custody, except word on the street is that K-Fed supports Britney’s decision to get some treatment. Well, that almost makes him sound grown up.

In any case, they need to STRAP HER DOWN. And at least make her stay 48 hours.

This news comes amid reports that just hours ago, Britney lost her shiznit with paparazzi just outside of K-Fed’s house, when she was unable to get a hold of her ex. From X17:

Britney went, with her assistant, to Kevin’s San Fernando Valley house, buzzed the intercom, and got no answer. She went around the block, came back, rang again, no answer. She tried a third time — no reply from Kevin. Britney then took her anger out on our photographers, grabbing an umbrella and hitting their car, yelling.

I like to imagine one of them responding by saying, “Girl. Get thee to a rehabery.”