EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Britney Spears Bally’s Ballyhoo

May 22nd, 2008 // 9 Comments


TMZ is reporting that Bally’s gym members were booted out of a studio at their Culver City location so Britney could take over the room. That is very possible, because there is a class scheduled from 6:30 – 7:30pm that NEVER ends early because people pay extra to take it. They may have been booted because Britney moved in around 7:20.

However, I was waiting around for some time at that very location, and never saw the “free t-shirts and water bottles”, that Bally’s told TMZ were being offered to upset gym members. I was, however, offered a free pass for one of the “Fit Plus” classes.

Members threatened to end their memberships in response to the rude behavior displayed by Britney’s people, which I witnessed firsthand. Additionally, this is not the first time that this same room has been “double booked,” and my workout buddies informed me of other times this has happened in the past few weeks.

Signs displaying the schedule are posted throughout the gym, so this disruption was no “accident.” Many of these classes have been scheduled to take place at the same time at least since October 2007 when I started going.

Bally’s gave Britney the room just because she wanted it at that time to work with her choreographer. And they are likely the ones paying her to work out there.

Is it Brit’s fault? Not really.

She may be losing some bulge, but I think her mental state is what everyone is aiming to fix — and by putting Britney over at least 40 paying customers (multiple times) Bally’s is just contributing to the messed up world Britney believes she lives in.

Check out the firsthand description of Britney’s recent notorious “workout,” and more photos of her shopping beforehand (in the same shirt she wore to the gym) after the jump.

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Last night I went to my gym, the Bally’s in Culver City, and I went downstairs late for a cardio class, excited for yoga because I could use some zen in my life.

But there was no zen at Bally’s. I noticed that the class hadn’t started yet, and that there were new blinds closed on the aerobics studio. And there was a huge crowd of fuming ladies standing outside.

Now let me tell you, Wednesday night’s class is probably the most crowded class of the week. I wasn’t sure about taking it because I don’t even know if there is enough room to move when everyone gets piled in there.

Britney was inside. We waited around for almost a half hour before they told us that class was cancelled. Those women were pissed! They pay their hard-earned money for a membership, get their butts up and to the gym to better themselves, and Britney had taken it over. I thought they were going to rush past all the bodyguards and mob her for ruining their class.

After being inside a little less than an hour, Britney snuck out a back door right by the studio. All I saw was the back of her head with that messy bun. Britney was in a real rush, so much in fact, that she left her purse and CD behind and someone had to run it outside to her.

The scoop? Britney wasn’t working with her trainer, in fact her trainer (or one of them at least) was supposed to teach the popular class at that time and had no clue what was going on.

Britney was working with a choreographer. Can we expect a new music video that isn’t a cartoon? An upcoming performance? She was the only dancer there, so who knows.

But seriously, if she would have been in there during my yoga time, I would have joined the lady mob.

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By Intern Traci

  1. anona

    Yeah,not britneys fault but ballys total fitness sucks! Outdated machines, costly classes plus you can barely find a location in so cal. I am now a fan of 24 hour fitness.

  2. KK

    Wouldn’t it be kind of amusing if Britney really DID sign up for one of these celeb dating sites? And so did K-Fed? And then they decided to meet, not knowing who each other really were (seeing as how in my scenario they are using fake profiles)? Oh the dramz!

  3. Munk

    see, this is how celebrities get treated. this is how the American society works. celebrities are better then you or me. we are just your average everyday peons while Brit is high class high society, regardless of any actions she might have been berrated for previously. it doesnt matter how you feel about a celebrity, if they are still famous, they are privilaged above you. this doesnt suprise me at all. Brit would be able to cut in front of you while in line for anything anywhere and theres nothing you could do about it because shes rich and famous and your just a nobody.

  4. munk

    sorry for the double and triple post, this site kinda sucks and i can never get my posts to work right, this time it erred on me (i thought) 3 twice before it went through…

  5. ballysyuck

    I’m a member of this Culver City gym–and also witnessed the class being cancelled–the employees run around like crazy to please britney–probably as shocked as everyone else that anyone with money to work out at Equinox or L.A. sports club is hangin’ at the Bally’s in a Culver City strip mall.

  6. Julia

    You are right in pointing out that giving her special treatment like that only adds to her delusion. It keeps her from accepting how things work in the real world–something she probably needs to do.

  7. daisy

    madonna does the same thing at my gym in new york.
    i am so sick of thes people. why cant they just work out at home and leave us alone?

  8. Tom Turkee

    let’s face it she is a slut by any definition.

  9. steven


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