EXCLUSIVE: Adam Brody on Rachel, Mischa, etc.

I’m quivering with delight right now as I am proud to announce my very first EXCLUSIVE! Word!

A Socialite’s Life has a very reliable source who recently had contact with Adam Brody in November and some hot info was passed around. Evidently, he didn’t know he had been broken up with by Rachel Bilson as he was excited about her returning from Rome. He spilled that Mischa Barton is “a nice girl” but that she had totally “burned her bridges with the directors” over at the O.C. (hence the fiery Marissa Cooper car crash death she earned) and our source was also privy to the knowledge that Adam gets the munchies. A LOT. Make of that what you will. Apparently, he’s a really nice guy despite the flannel.

Dude, that was exclusive. That was the new shit! I am not longer a gossip interpreter! I am now a gossip purveyor! I’m going to go take some Vicodin and smoke some weed to celebrate. Excuse me.

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