EXCLUSIVE: Adam Brody on Rachel, Mischa, etc.

December 27th, 2006 // 18 Comments

I’m quivering with delight right now as I am proud to announce my very first EXCLUSIVE! Word!

A Socialite’s Life has a very reliable source who recently had contact with Adam Brody in November and some hot info was passed around. Evidently, he didn’t know he had been broken up with by Rachel Bilson as he was excited about her returning from Rome. He spilled that Mischa Barton is “a nice girl” but that she had totally “burned her bridges with the directors” over at the O.C. (hence the fiery Marissa Cooper car crash death she earned) and our source was also privy to the knowledge that Adam gets the munchies. A LOT. Make of that what you will. Apparently, he’s a really nice guy despite the flannel.

Dude, that was exclusive. That was the new shit! I am not longer a gossip interpreter! I am now a gossip purveyor! I’m going to go take some Vicodin and smoke some weed to celebrate. Excuse me.

P.S. Hey, all you A Socialite’s Life readers! If you have some exclusive hot gossip you want to share with us, do not hesitate to contact my ass – jharvey@soclife.com. We will protect your anonymity and send you a t-shirt or something. Or gemstones. Or drugs. Ok, not drugs but maybe a bumper sticker.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Me

    Wasn’t Rachel in Toronto last week? Maybe that dinner was over Thanksgiving, which was when they would’ve just about to break up.

  2. suri

    When was the dinner? If it was around Thanksgiving maybe they weren’t broken up yet.

    Adam’s birthday came and went and Christmas was just a few days ago and no sightings of him with Rachel. She’s been spotted around LA around the time he’s also been seen, but no new sightings of them together.

  3. Jacey

    So are you fucking telling me that they never broke up and that it was all bullshit!!!??? that really annoys me.

  4. aubrey

    If they’re still together, they would have made an effort to spend the holidays together. That’s what couples do right?

  5. Congrats on the exclusive. It was good too!

  6. Kait

    They broke up after Thanksgiving.

  7. I’m at zales.com right now browsing for things I should get when I get my first exclusive…jk, congrats.


  8. jordan

    dude, yes! they arent broken up!

  9. Sara

    uhhhh *ding dong*
    they -Have- broken up! =\

  10. Sara

    uhhhh *ding dong*
    they -Have- broken up! =\

  11. teets

    The next time you post a scoop maybe you should establish an exact time frame when this event occured. It may be correct info at that time, but not now.

  12. anon

    congrats on the scopp BUT I am fairly sure you should protect your sources a bit more…

  13. monique

    All those people who are excited about Adam and Rachel still being together should try to read this article more carefully,
    especially this sentence.
    “Evidently, he didn’t know he had been broken up with by Rachel Bilson as he was excited about her returning from Rome.”

    All it’s saying is that Adam at that time didn’t know that he had been broken up with by Rachel. It’s not saying that they’re still together, only that at that time Adam didn’t know Rachel had broken up with him. If you read the other articles about the breakup this still fits in perfectly with those other accounts.

  14. re.

    For those who’ve read this, read it again because it has been revised. The convo with Adam took place in November.

  15. roxanne

    but what about the mischa thing has to do?

  16. liesl

    Somebody go on ONTD and all the other blogs that picked this news up to tell them the article has been changed.

  17. cecille

    Well whoever posted this on all the other boards the first time around should post it again with the new information. That’s the responsible thing to do.

  18. If the break up news is true, the only consolation their fans have is that they’ll remain together forever in The O.C. :p

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