Exclusive: Socialite Life Chats With Singer & Songwriter Jamie Scott About Fame, One Direction & More

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Jamie Scott Singer Musician

If the name Jamie Scottdoesn’t ring a bell for you, let me help. Heard the One Direction songs “Story Of My Life” or “Midnight Memories”? Or perhaps The Vamps‘ “Wild Heart”? Then you are already very familiar with Jamie and his immense talent.

While the singer/songwriter has been showing off his writing skills for other artists, he gets to showcase his own world class talent in his latest album, My Hurricane.

With his single “Unbreakable” dropping this week, we figured it was the perfect time to chat with the talented singer. Oh, and did we mention he’s super cute? Check out what Jamie had to say about life, music and his celebrity crush after the jump! 

Socialite Life: So tell us, what made you want to go into music?

Jamie Scott: When I was seven years old, I heard a record by Joni Mitchell called Blue and fell in love with it. Shortly after that my mum bought me a small nylon string guitar and I never looked back.

SL: Was it weird hearing one of your songs on the radio, or was it exciting?

JS: It was really exciting….no part of me found it weird!

SL: How did you start working with One Direction?

JS: I wrote a song that the label heard and wanted the boys to cut on the first record, and then I started a great relationship with the boys and have written with them ever since.

SL: Has there been any songs you’ve written for them that you wish you’d kept for yourself?

JS: No, not yet because the records just sound right with the boys on it.

SL: If you could work with any artist—living or dead—who would it be? Why?

JS: To get in the room with Bob Dylan would be an incredible experience, and as for people that have passed, maybe Marvin Gaye.

SL: What was it like working on your record as a solo artist?

JS: It was great, it’s actually how I started so I’m pretty used to it! Part of the reason I wanted to do this record was I missed just being by myself.

SL: Was there a moment when you realized, “Wow! I’m actually a musician. I’m doing something I love.”?

JS: Maybe the first time I was ever on stage I suppose. It was then that it sunk in a little bit that this was something I could do!

SL: We’ve gotta ask, who’s your celebrity crush?

JS: Jennifer Lawrence

SL: What’s something fun your fans might not know about you?

JS: I was a tennis coach before I became a songwriter!

By Sabba Rahbar

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