Exclusive: Socialite Life Chats With Rixton Frontman Jake Roche

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Things have certainly gone from zero to one hundred for Rixton frontman Jake Roche.  Between a new album, upcoming tour, and major success with the single “Me and My Broken Heart”, Jake has barley had time to process his overnight success.

Jake sat down with SOCIALITE LIFE to chat about what’s next for the band, the inspiration behind their hit single, and his advice for young stars struggling in Hollywood.  Oh, and he also revealed which celeb he wants to marry!

Read it all in our exclusive interview!

Socialite Life: How does it feel to have so much success with your single “Me and My Broken Heart”? 

Jake Roche: It’s just really surreal for us at the moment.  I think at any age when you pick a guitar up, learn how to sing or anything really, you dream of getting success in America.  The fact that we got a lot of radio airplay and TV performances, people ask us, I think it’s beyond anything we ever expected.  It’s just a bit surreal and overwhelming.

SL: What was the inspiration behind “Me and My Broken Heart”? 

Jake: Well it’s a question obviously we get asked a lot.  I was on my way up to New York to record the album and I split up with my girlfriend.  Uh, the violins playing softly in the distance.  But no, I was going through like a little break up and then we went over to New York to record the song, and it just felt right.  It kind of felt like therapeutic to just get it off my chest.  It was me who actually went through the heartbreak.

SL: We heard you’re about to kick off a tour!  What are your must-haves while you’re on the road?   

Jake: Must-haves, wow.  I don’t know we’re not really like a diva-ish kind of band.  We like to carry on our tour bus a little home studio set up type of thing, so we can record demos or record guitars, or vocals.  We like to have some sort of game console definitely.  Just really like fruits and snacks really.  It doesn’t sound rock n’ roll it sounds terrible!

SL: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about touring? 

Jake: My favorite has to be just the live shows and walking out on stage.  Just getting to see America really.  That’s probably my favorite.  The least favorite is living out of a suitcase it’s just the worst.  Washing your clothes is just the death of me.

SL: You’re from the U.K.,  is there a difference between your U.K. fans and American fans? 

Jake: The accent!  No.  Yeah, they seem to be a lot more wilder in the U.S., they seem to not really care.  You know they will push and shove to get to the front, and they’ll just scream in your face haha.  Where as over here they’re a bit more relaxed, more sane.  It’s starting to kind of pick up over here as well.  They’re both just as passionate which is good.  They really care about the music side of things with us.  Which is great for us really.  They’re both great and so supportive.  They’ve got our backs which is good.

SL: What’s coming up next?  You have an album coming out in the fall.  

Jake: Yeah!  the album will be out in the fall.  We’ve got our new single that we’ve just written and recorded.  It’s in the final mixing stages so that should be out before the album.  Which we’re really really excited about.  So yeah, we’ll be over there touring obviously, but we’ll probably come out with a second single as well.

SL: Do you have a name for the single yet? 

Jake: We actually haven’t decided it yet.  We’ve got two or three potential singles.  So yeah it’s still up for debate.  But we’re really excited about it.

SL: You’re represented by Scooter Braun and he represents a lot of people.  Do you think in the future you’d ever collaborate with someone like Justin Bieber?  

Jake: Yeah, never say never.  I’m so sorry I had to say it.  He’s an incredible writer and apparently he’s written a song for us which we’ve still yet to hear.  But obviously, you can’t say no to a superstar like that, so it would be an honor to have him aboard.  But I think he’s a busy guy at the moment.  We’re up for a feature of anyone, if it feels right definitely.    

SL: Who is your ultimate dream collaboration?  If you could do a song with anyone in the world who would you do it with? 

Jake: Anyone in the world?  I would probably chose Justin Timberlake.

SL: You said before you went through a break-up. Are you single? 

Jake: I am, yes.

SL: So who is your celebrity crush?

Jake: I’ve just got the hots for Jennifer Lawrence really bad.  I think it’s her personality which is just incredible, she doesn’t really care.  She has that I am who I am kind of thing.  I think that’s incredible.  She’s a very confident woman and I would love to marry her.

SL: You’re young and in the spotlight which can be challenging.  How do you manage to stay grounded?

Jake: Obviously I’m in a band with my best mates.  I’ve been with the band five years before we got signed or even thought about going to America.  So I think just surrounding yourself with good people.  People you trust and people you grow up with.  Just not really taking everything seriously.  I think if you take everything seriously it hits your soul.  If you take each day as it comes, and you’re nice to everyone you meet and you’re polite, I think you’ll just lead a really happy, normal as can be life.  Also my mum would kill me if I changed.  She would literally kill me.

SL: Any advice for young celebs who struggle to do the same?

Jake: I am fully new to the whole celeb thing.  We kind of just turn up, do the job and go home.  We never fall out the back of night clubs or get pictured being drunk.  Just kind of take each day as it comes, and just be happy.  Just literally don’t take anything seriously and just live your life.  Do your own thing.  Enjoy what you’re doing and if you’re not enjoying it do something else.  That’s the only advice I could give.