EXCLUSIVE: Singer Skye Stevens Talks New Single ‘Takes All Night’ & Musical Influences

Meet 18-year-old singer/songwriter/ dancer Skye Stevens. Set to become the first-ever Armenian pop star, Skye Stevens is rapidly catching the attention of millions of pop-music lovers and DJ’s across America. His first single and music video, “Takes All Night,” recently climbed up to the third spot on Billboard’s Breakouts Chart and the song is among the top 25 in the Billboard Dance Chart.

Ranking in over 1 million views, the “Takes All Night” music video is a fresh, urban-beat love story mixed with a modern day tribute to the late Michael Jackson, whom has been his inspiration since day one.

Read our exclusive interview with the upcoming pop star as he tells us the idea behind his music video and which artists inspire him most. He even let us in on one of his most embarrassing moments ever!

Check it out and watch his music video “Takes All Night.” We guarantee your legs won’t stay still much longer! 

In a brief sentence, describe the sound of your music?
“I would say it’s a feel of David Guetta, Usher and a Chris Brown sound. “

What inspires your choice and sound in music?
“I’m inspired by the urban world. I think it’s important, especially in pop music, to pull from other genres because if it’s just pop on its own, it falls flat. I’m inspired by rap and hip-hop and I think it’s crucial to incorporate that into pop music.”

Which artists inspire you the most?
“Ne-yo to me is like a mentor artistically. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me, but I really am inspired by all his choices when he does music videos and releases albums, they’re so well crafted and I want to create something just as incredible. Michael Jackson, Usher, and Bobby Brown also inspire me. “

Who would you like to work with one day?
“I really respect Chris Brown and I think he has an incredible taste in his music selection. Whenever he does something it’s so grand and extravagant. I feel our sound is similar and our dancing together would be a very electric combination. I would also like to collaborate with David Guetta he has a powerful sound, as well as Flo-Rida, Drake, and Alexandra Stan.”

So what do you think sets your music apart from others?
“I would say my music is very different. There are a lot of younger guy acts out there circulating right now, but there really is no young guy doing a European, urban-pop sound on the radio. It’s kind of a risk because there is no one else doing it. It’s like an amazing thing because you stand out but it’s also scary because you don’t know if it’s going to work. I think people will like my music because it’s original. I have a lot fans that are very supportive. Music should be universal. I try to do things where everyone can like it. My music video for example is a little bit younger but the actual song is being played in clubs. “

Considering the subject matter in the song “Takes All Night,” most would expect a nightclub setting in this music video instead of an afternoon love story. Why did you go with this approach?
“We totally could have done a club scene with laser lights and crazy dancing, which will come eventually, but it was a debut music video and I wanted to introduce myself and really create a love story in something that was unexpected. I also wanted do a modern day tribute to Michael Jackson by portraying the infamous light-up sidewalk scene in “Billie Jean.” As I dance you’ll notice lights coming off of my feet. “

So with this video being a love story, how would you describe your ideal first date?
“I try to be as smooth as possible. I’d pick her up; go to a chill, romantic, Italian restaurant with lit candles and a comfortable environment where we could talk about anything. After dinner we would drive around, maybe hit up a coffee shop, walk around and get to know one another. Then I would drop her off and give her a kiss goodnight.”

Is “Takes All Night” currently your only single?
“Yes, currently we are just pushing this record. There are other remixes on YouTube by Paper Cha$er, James Doman, and Nixon Marc. This track has caught the attention of a lot of DJ’s. But this one DJ who I truly admire a lot, his name is Dave Aude, he made my track his single of the week so I felt really honored by that. “

What do you have planned for this summer?
“Well starting June 4, Top 40 radio stations will begin spinning Takes All Night which is something I’m very excited about. I’ve also been doing rehearsals every day for the past few weeks and putting together an upcoming nation wide club tour. “

What do you consider your biggest fear in the World?
“Snakes! They freak me out. I don’t like flying either. “

Name one super power you wish you had?
“Being able to teleport. It would come in handy on a date.”

What is one thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?
“I always have trouble with this question because you never know what surprises people, but I love editing videos. James Doman’s Takes All Night remix extended music video; I actually shot the whole thing myself with a tripod and edited the entire video alone. That’s something I taught myself how to do.”

What is an embarrassing moment you will remember forever?
“I don’t want to say the celebrity’s name, but there was a very, very big artist, one of the biggest guys in music you can think of, and he was recording next to me in the studio. My manager introduces me, we started talking and I was going on and on for about 5 minutes on how awesome his new single was, he wasn’t really talking much and come to find out it was not his record! After that, I just wanted to go home!