EXCLUSIVE: Singer Skye Stevens Chats With Us About Music, Crushes & His Favorite Movie

Skye Last Year!
Check out what Skye Stevens had to say about life last year.
Singer Skye Stevens has made quite the name for himself in the music world since bursting onto the scene with his hit single “Takes All Night” last year. As he prepares for his summer tour with the Pop Explosion Teen Music Festival, Skye took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with SOCIALITE LIFE.

Let me tell you, this guy is awesome. Check out the full interview with Skye after the jump to learn all about his new music, his Billboard success, his celebrity crush and much more! Be sure to check out Skye as he heads out to a town near you! 

How has your life changed since your song “Takes All Night” hit the Billboard charts?
It’s completely changed.  That record took me around the country touring to over 30 cities, and into another country’s (Canada) Billboard Hot 100.  That song means everything to me.  It’s been crazy to see how it has spread all over the world on its own.  There are people from all over the world who have covered my song and posted it onto YouTube, and even a dance school in Australia has a viral video of them dancing to my song.  My life has changed in a very positive way.  I have a growing fan base (#SkyeSociety) that is to thank for the success of my record “Takes All Night”.  But if anything that song did for me personally that truly “changed” me was to be so thankful of life and appreciative of everything I have.  I am so thankful of the fans that support me, the creative team and management guiding me on this journey, my friends that stuck by me, and my parents that support and love what I’m doing.  

What has it been like for you to be on the Billboard charts? Was it something you thought would ever happen?
Yes and No.  Since I was 5 I was determined to have my own music on the radio and be a recording artist.  I got a toy cash register on my 5th Christmas and immediately when i opened it, I took a black sharpie marker and wrote on it “For My CD”…… fast forward a decade & a few years later, and i was on the charts next to Usher & Rihanna some weeks….. now that… that was something I just NEVER thought  I would see.  It’s that catch 22, you know in your head that your gonna do it and be so over driven to get there, and push yourself to the highest degree possible but then when it actually happens…. your just in complete shock and your like “this can’t be real, I NEVER thought this would happen”…. so “did i think this would happen?”…yes and no hahaha.

So we hear this summer you’re going on tour with the Pop Explosion Teen Music Festival, how excited are you? What can the fans expect from your performance? Where and when can we see you performing and being awesome?
I am SO pumped to be touring with Pop Explosion.  It’s an awesome show, there are amazing new up and coming pop recording artists on the tour and it’s great cause all our fans intertwine and get to learn about other artists and their vibe.  My show is pretty crazy.  I start my show in splatter painted lime green sunglasses and long black trench coats, and for 1 minute my dancers and I do this insane robot-matrix like dance movement to machine noises, then we rip off the coat and glasses and my first record spins.  I bring girls on stage throughout the performance…. bump and grind and even kiss ‘em from time to time ;)…. oh the advantages of live stage….  As far as to where the tour is going, it’s going all over the country and even into Canada.  All the tour dates are at PopExplosionTour.com

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Rewind”?
“Rewind” was a very special record to me.  I wanted to create something that would capture 2 of the most valuable things in the world.  Love and Time.  Everyone has been in love with something in their life.  Their love of their girlfriend or boyfriend, their love of their job, art, sport, whatever!  Love is such a strong passionate thing that is solely the reason why we get through life day to day.  And time is such a mysterious and mesmerizing thing in itself.  I’m obsessed with time.  We all have wished to go back to a certain moment and “rewind” or relive that memory just to experience it ooooooone more time, or when we hate something we just wish to fast forward so it’s just over and done with, and even cases where the moment we’re in is so perfect we just wanna hit pause and stay there forever.  To bring the worlds of Time & Love together and put it into a record was something I wanted to do and share to the world.

How was it working with Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse? Was it exciting for you? She’s a very pretty girl, so did you have to try and play it cool around her?
She IS a very beautiful girl.  It was dope to work with an actress like Sasha.  She was so professional and easy to work with.  A lot of times when you meet someone the day of the video and have to make chemistry happen on the spot, it can be very difficult, but her talent and easy to work with vibe, made the day and shoot effortless.  I have nothing but gratitude for having Sasha in my video, she introduced me to the Pretty Little Liars fan base and made a stunning actress for my video.  Now…. in the back of my mind, i may have had a small (major) crush on Sasha during the shoot and thought….”hey… maybe we could be a good lil couple”… and then 2 hours into the video shoot, her 6’3” ft tall basket ball player boyfriend arrived on set……. so that ended that fantasy hahaha (sigh).

So, your family is Armenian. I’m Persian myself and I definitely know how difficult it is for these cultures to accept the arts as an actual profession. How did your family deal with your desire to be a performer? Were they supportive of it?
Completely.  Ever since I was a kid they knew i was gonna do this with my life.  My mom put me in swimming lessons, basketball, soccer, baseball, even Hockey lessons as well as dance, and the second I hit that dance floor, I didn’t wanna leave, and I haven’t really.  They were very behind me from an early early start.  Driving me back and forth to countless dance and voice lessons.  Traveling all around New England to dance competitions that they had to sit through an entire day of girls whipping around a stage!  Being present at every theater show I did, to now being in night clubs at 1am to see me perform for 1000 people.  Looking out into the crowd and seeing my parents surrounded by people bumping and grinding is not necessarily the vision I expected to ever see in my life, BUT times change!

We’ve gotta ask! Who’s your celebrity crush?
I have a few.  Kendall Jenner had my heart for sometime, but I did meet Ariana Grande at the Billboard Awards (and got a photo with her…..hollerrrrr) a few weeks ago in Vegas, and she kinda has my eye right now.

What’s the coolest thing to happen to you since hitting it big? Any celebs you love telling you they love you, that sort of thing.
The coolest thing would be having the awesome fan base I have.  I actually spend a lot of time online trying to write back to them all the time and every Sunday I do a live chat on twitter (#SundayWithSkye) and talk to them about whatever and answer any questions they have.  When it first started (the live chat) it was fairly simple to keep up, but not its like a flood of tweets flying in by the second, so I have to be super organized when i’m doing it to make sure and respond to everyone.

So what’s up next for you? A new album? A new single? Looking to get into the movies?
For now I just spend about a month getting in shape for this 3 month long summer tour with Pop Explosion, and I just released a 2nd single into the Canadian Top 40 Market called “Angel”, which is a fun up tempo summer song, so in between shows with Pop Explosion i’ll be doing radio visits around Canada.  and I’d love to get into the movies.  every so often my acting manager sends me out into various television auditions which have gone well, so things are always in the works!

And finally, what’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie of all time is Liar Liar with Jim Carey,  I know every single word to that film.  and I’m also a big Harry Potter fan, I have all the movies of that too (and shamefully know almost every word to all those movies as well).