*Exclusive* Our Interview With 2011 Playmate Of The Year Claire Sinclair

May 13th, 2011 // 3 Comments

This week we had a chance to catch up with 2011′s Playmate Of The Year Clair Sinclair about the whirlwind year’s she’s had.  Sinclair, a native Los Angelean, was Miss October 2010 for the famous bunny empire and appeared on the past season of Holly’s World.  Not only did Sinclair walk away with a $100,00 prize and a custom-designed Harley Davidson, but she also scored a coveted spot in Playboy‘s history.

Sinclair, a doppelganger for legendary pinup Bettie Page, is the spokesmodel for a clothing lined named after and inspired by Page.  No one could have selected a better representative of Bettie Page Clothing.  Sinclair’s the quintessential shoutout to the bygone era of simple glamour.

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SL: When did you first find out that you were going to be Playmate of the Year?

CS:I was actually at a party at the mansion. Hef was the one that came up to me and said we would start the shoot soon, but I didn’t think it was for that. When he said it was for the Playmate of the Year shoot, I started crying. I was very happy.

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SL: Were you expecting it?

CS: Not at all. I thought my age would leave me out of the running. I’m not the typical playmate. I felt like I deserved it as much as anyone else because I’ve worked really hard, but I really thought I was out of the running.

SL: You completely broke the mold because Playboy is known for their blond girls.  How do you feel about letting girls know that you don’t have to fall into the stereotype to get a prize like this?

CS: I think it’s incredibly fortunate. Women love looking at other women. I look different from the usual playmates, so I think it’s important for girls to know that it’s ok to look different.

SL: I was watching Holly’s World, and that’s where I learned that you had won Playmate of the Year. It was really exciting. You are now the face of Bettie Page Clothing, correct?

CS: Yes, I am. I’m really excited about that.

SL: What does that clothing line mean to you? What makes you like it so much?

CS: I think they do an amazing job with it. It’s beautiful 1940s inspired clothing. The style is so fun. What I find most interesting is that the inspiration comes from vintage clothing, but it’s also taken apart to add a different touch to it. It makes it feel new and fresh, and I love the colors and patterns.

SL: That is really great. Do you have any other projects lined up?

CS: I actually do. I’m forming a reality show. We’re doing a pilot for that on June 16. I’m also going to London where we will be opening the new playmate club. We’ll see what else comes up. Being Playmate of the Year opens up so many great opportunities.

By Kelly Lynch

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