*Exclusive* Jeremiah Brent And SOCIALITE LIFE Have A Chatfest [PHOTOS]

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We are such lucky ducks.  At the official launch of resource 100% Natural Spring Water Thursday night (April 26th) at Smog Shoppe in LA, I grabbed a few stolen moments with The Rachel Zoe Project‘s newest face, Jeremiah Brent.  We sipped on the electrolytes to get us ready for some honest answers about his hair and plans for interior domination.

SL: Per usual, the hair looks amazing tonight.
JB: It’s my best accessory.

SL: What is your secret?
JB: Honestly, I don’t fight it like I used to.  It was really thick [long ago] when I thought I was a surfer.  And it was really long…just a giant frizz.  Now I kind of let it do what it wants.

I can never get rid of it, because Rachel [Zoe] would fire me if I shaved it.  (He’s kidding.  We hope).  And all I wanna do is shave my head! 

SL: For summer, I understand that.
JB: She won’t let me!  She would kill me. 

SL: Speaking of which, The Rachel Zoe Project is taking a different turn this upcoming season.  What can we expect from Zoe and Co.?

JB: It’s all about development.  Rachel’s brand has really grown.  She’s a full-blown designer now, and she has a lot of respect in that field.  I just did her new offices, (there are three separate divisions).  She’s got a media department, she’s got the styling, and then she’s got the brand development.

We’ll also see her family continue to grow, both at work and personally.  It’s really exciting, because there’s a lot of fun stuff coming up.  Fingers crossed (he sings, and it’s friggin’ adorable).

SL: Are you filming right now?
JB: Not yet.  We’re on hiatus still, which is nice because it’s the calm before the storm.

SL: Any big summer plans before you have to start filming again?
JB: Today I officially booked a trip to the Bahamas.  I’ve never been!  I’m going to do nothing but eat, sleep and tan.

SL: Who are you wearing tonight?
JB: I’m giving you an All Saints moment, head-to-toe.

SL: It’s very Heidi Slimane.  
JB: Thank you.  It’s super-soft.  Feel the fabric.

SL: It’s so light.
JB: It’s hard for me to get into a suit.

SL: Usually you’re in very casual wear.  I threw out my boy jeans yesterday because I was looking a wee bit dumpy.

JB: No, I love dumpy!  Yesterday I was wearing a holey tee.

SL: Let’s talk spring trends.  What do you love to see on men?
JB: I’m obsessed with navy, both for interiors and for men.  I think it’s so chic and timeless.  I like the lines and cuts from the 1950s.  In fact, I bought pants that are a little high and super-tailored.

I wore a turtleneck the other day.  I was uncomfortable the entire time, but I worked through it.  It was worth it.

SL: What about on women?
JB: I’m obsessed with a tailored suit.  Rachel’s suits are tailored to perfection.  I think it elongates the women’s body so nicely.

SL: Favorite brunch spot in LA?
JB: I just had a really great brunch at this place called Off Vine in Hollywood.  It’s like a little bungalow, kind of tucked away. Something about it reminds me of home.

SL: Where is home?
JB: Downtown San Francisco.

SL: How do you stay grounded despite working with a very high-profile woman?
JB: My intention has always been to do better and be better, in life, on the show and at work.

SL: Tell us how you felt about being approached to appear on The Rachel Zoe Project.
JB: I was nervous [when I was approached about it] because I’m a complete dork.  Being on television is one of the most vulnerable things I’ve ever experienced.  But Rachel gave me really great advice in the beginning.  She said “You’re never going to do anything that you don’t want to do.  Just be yourself.” And that’s what I’ve done.  Thank God people have been so sweet and so nice.  There’s a beautiful side to it [being on television] that I didn’t expect.  Teenage boys send me emails, talking about how they’re gay and terrified about it.  Then they watch the show and they can see part of themselves in me.  That’s a whole other side I did not expect to get out of this experience.

SL: When you first appeared on the series, did you think to yourself, “Oh my god, I just touched my nose and now it’s going to look like I was picking it.”  Were there certain mannerisms you were conscious about?
JB: Well, I sing all the time and I have the worst voice – but I’ll sing, “I’m going to the ballllllll.”  It doesn’t make any sense (he did it a few times during the interview, and it was awesome).  The first day I worked for Rachel I said “vagina,” and I was like “Uggghh, no no! Stop!  Cut that!”  Of course, they used it, because that’s how it works.

SL: That makes for good TV.
JB: I let go of it, because the truth is, the singing, it’s dorky, but I’m a dork.

SL: That’s why we find you so endearing.  People love you for that.
JB: Endearing or annoying.  A dork with big hair.  What are you going to do?

SL: Any brushes with fame?
JB: No.  This all still feels weird to me, and I don’t think it’ll ever feel normal.  I’m around Rachel so much that I’m so boring in comparison.

SL: You told me once that your guest room is black.
JB: Oh yes, my media room.  It’s what poor people call their guest room.  I make it sound fancier.  

SL: What kind of accents can you add to compliment the color?
JB: Black, to me, reads really modern.  People think it reads cold, but it’s actually very warm.  Visually, it gives the idea of infinite space, so the room actually feels like it’s much larger.  I like to balance it with natural things like a woven rug and warm colors.  With black, you can do really anything.

I would, however, stay away from pink.  It’s going to look like a 14-year-old’s bedroom.  My whole thing is this:  Break every rule you’ve ever been taught.  The space is supposed to be about you, and you’re supposed to bring yourself out into it.

SL: And you’re obviously bringing that to Rachel’s company as head of her home division?
JB: I’m trying to create the home/interior division.

SL: Are we going to see a lot of your influence artistically?
JB: Of course!  I’m definitely Rachel’s go-to.  I just oversaw the design of her new offices, which are beautiful and so chic.

SL: We’re so glad that she finally realized how best she could utilize your talents.
JB: I’ll never forget Rachel looking and me and saying, “You need to live your life doing something you’re passionate about.”  That sentence changed my life, and she’s really been instrumental in helping me find what really fuels me.  It’s been kind of amazing, because I worked with her in fashion.  There are so many parallels between the two (fashion and interiors), so it’s been fun to kind of implement that and go into projects with her mentality in the back of my mind.

SL: And she has such a huge platform on which you can do that.
JB: She’s a taste maker.  At the end of the day, people listen to what she has to say.

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SL: Her fashion line is incredible.
JB: And it’s only getting better.  Just you wait.  I saw some samples this morning and was like, “Wait. WHAT!?”

SL: Are you and Joey Maloof getting along?  Is he being nice to you?
JB: Of course (laughs).  Joey is Joey.  He means well and we get along.  We’re fine.  I actually saw him the other day.  He keeps me on my toes.

SL: Taylor Jacobson has a new show premiering.  What are Zoe’s thoughts on that?
JB: I don’t know Taylor,  and same goes for the Brad [Goreski] situation.  I’ve never met either one of them.  I think that Rachel and Rodger are in such a great place and they have such amazing people around them. They don’t even think about it.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot of TV to share.  And people are going to watch what they want to watch and connect to whatever they connect to.

SL: Favorite movie right now?
JB: I have the worst taste in movies, but my favorite is Alien.  Right now I want to see Wrath of The Titans.  I just went and saw The Hunger Games, which I liked.  I was obsessed with the books.  So dark.  And I want to see that damn Twilight movie!

To celebrate resource 100% Natural Spring Water‘s launch, Brent teamed up with Daily Candy to host the inspiring event, where we also had the pleasure of meeting health and beauty experts, including Lion’esque Style, Blushington makeup and beauty loungeKitchitBallet Bodies fitness studio, and Christine Avanti, nutritionist and health consultant on The Food Network’s Fat Chef.

By Kelly Lynch

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