Exclusive Interview With One Of The Reigning Kings Of Dubstep, RUSKO!

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When your spirit is floating down that tunnel, towards the light, you know what’s behind the light? It’s not God, it’s me! And I’m gonna kick your poncey soul all the way back down the tunnel ’till you choke on your own fucked up ribs! Now…Wake the fuck up!“- Cockney Thug by Rusko

I love Rusko and this song for two reasons. One, because its simply badass. Two, for whatever reason it reminds me of “The Matrix”. His music dares us to enter a dimension of dubstep insanity. We are Neo and Rusko is Morpheus. His intrigue relies on whether or not we decide to jump into the rabbit hole. On whether we decide to take the blue pill or the red pill. Needless to say, we took the red pill and entered the vortex of his death defying beats at The Observatory in Orange County, CA. Whomp, whomp, whomp.

Check out my exclusive interview with Rusko below! 

E. Nusgart: What has been your favorite place to perform live?

Rusko: Aww man. Tough one. Most places are so fun. But one of my favorite place is Red Rocks in Denver. I just played there with Justice, the vibe was awesome.

E. Nusgart: Who has influenced you music?

Rusko: Another tough one. i listen to SO much music. From Metal to punk there’s no one really in particular. I’m listening to Mala a lot right now. Their record Mala in Cuba is inspiring me right now.
E. Nusgart: How do you feel about dubstep becoming to popular in mainstream music?
Rusko: I get this question a lot. it is what it is i guess. I just do my thing. I’m more happy that America has finally embraced Electronic music as a whole. I mean, the size of it here is just wicked.
E. Nusgart: When did you decide you wanted to become a DJ?
Rusko: It was the easiest way for me to get my music out to everyone really. Carrying CDs is way easier than a ton of instruments ;-)
E. Nusgart: What is the main difference between your earliest albums, as oppose to your more recent ones (how have you grown as an artist)?
Rusko: The main difference? I think there’s a load of difference but i would say the audience has got bigger, and you gotta cater to that to some degree. SONGS is called SONGS because literally every song has a verse chorus verse etc. KAPOW is a lot more sample driven and not so “topliny” which I like.
E. Nusgart: When your not killing it on stage, what do you like to do in your spare time, do you have any hobbies?

Rusko: I’m REALLY into cooking right now. When I go home I just stay in with my wife, dog and make pancakes. In case you didn’t know my pancake game is next level.

E.Nusgart: If you could pick anyone to do a collaboration with who would it be and why?

Rusko: Squarepusher. He’s just an OG innovator.

E. Nusgart: What do you have in mind for upcoming projects and shows?

Rusko: We’re working on some new ideas now :-D

By Erica Nusgart

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