*Exclusive* Chris Evans Gets Naked In ‘What’s Your Number?’ [VIDEO]

Chris Evans needs only an apple and a towel with which to wipe his mouth to look hot, and coincidentally that’s all he has in this exclusive clip from What’s Your Number (out September 30th).  Co-star Anna Faris has the good fortune of conversing with her stark-naked /Adonis-like neighbor while he’s noshing on a snack.  We’re guessing Evans was still on his Captain American diet, because that body IS INSANE.

Number is about Ally Darling, a gal whose open-hearted and spontaneous qualities never failed her, until she lost her job, found out her younger sister was engaged, and realized the numbers of her missed opportunities – in life and in love — didn’t add up.  To turn things around, Ally embarks on quest to find the best “ex” of her life.

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Check out the nekkie clip after the jump!

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