EXCLUSIVE: Actor Luke Benward Chats With Us About ‘Ravenswood’, His Family & Tapping Into His Darker Side

Now don’t be jealous folks, but Socialite Life was lucky enough to chat with super cutie Luke Benward this week.

The actor, who can currently be seen as Dillon on the ABC Family show Ravenswood, chatted with us about everything from Ravenswood spoilers to what he’d do if the world was ending.

In preparation for the Ravenswood finale tomorrow night, read our exclusive interview with Luke after the jump! We even got some SL family members involved in the questions, as Sabba Rahbar’s 10-year-old sister is a huge fan. Enjoy! 

What type of characters do you enjoy playing?
All kinds, honestly! I love creating and becoming someone else, so my dream is to play many different types of characters. Don’t know if I have a favorite as of now.

Can you tease anything coming up in this season of Ravenswood?
It. Is. CRAZY! One of the many things I love about this show is how many different outcomes there can be. It constantly keeps you on your toes.

Do you think Dillon has any redeeming qualities despite having a dark side?
Definitely. I would say that Dillon genuinely loves Olivia and that is the reason why he had to make her take his place: so that the sacrifice to save his life really meant something.

Have there been any compelling twists which surprised you while reading your script?
There is a HUGE twist coming up that I can’t tell y’all about, but it even caught me by surprise. I think the viewers will love it.

Is it challenging to play a dark character and having to explore a certain level of darkness?
I is a little bit, in a way, but honestly, I like it a lot. Like I said, I love to play many different characters, so to have the contrasting characters of Cloud 9 and Ravenswood is such a blessing.

What would you do if it was your last day on Earth?
I would make sure everyone close to me knew how much I really loved them and how thankful I was for them, and I would dance and run and jump and smile like it was my last day on Earth.  No one regrets happiness and no one regrets love.

What would you do if you were not an actor?
I grew up playing football, so if I had not gotten into acting, I could see myself going to college and playing football… then, hopefully, the pros. Haha!

Can you tell us a bit about your family?
We are all extremely close and get along well. We love to be together, which is something that is awesome and I’m super thankful for. I am the older brother to two younger sisters and we live with our dad and mom in a house together and I love them 🙂

If you could work with any actor, or actors, who would you choose? And in the same vein, who have been some of your favorites to work with?
It’s a dream of mine to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, but I have been blessed to work with some great actors. Some of my favorites were Mel Gibson, Channning Tatum, and Jason Isaacs.