Ewan McGregor Is Over Angry Fans

The Scottish actor is getting sick and tired of getting heckled by obnoxious fans. The Mirror reports:

The Trainspotting star revealed that when he’s home in Scotland people can’t resist having a dig. He said: “Why do they feel the need to tell me, ‘That film was st’. It happens quite a lot.” Crieff-born Ewan, 35, gets particularly angry about being hassled when out with his family. He added: “I was with my mum and daughter when this guy walks over to say, ‘You’re not as good as Alec Guinness’ (Obe Wan Kenobe in the Star Wars films before Ewan). The actor, who has had a string of recent box office flops, said: “I felt really p***ed off.”

In other news, as controversial as it may sound, I’m totally over getting punched in the face on the street by people who feel my blogs aren’t up to par. Just kidding. I’d be happy if that were happening, cause that would mean that people are reading. I’m really just that big of an attention-whore.


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