Ewan McGregor Looks Handsome At AFI Fest Premiere Of ‘The Impossible’, Fans Getting Ready For A Good Cry [PHOTOS]

Ewan McGregor
'Trainspotting' star at film festival.
Ewan & George Hit Venice
Ewan McGregor & George Clooney look good at Venice film fest.
Leave it to Ewan McGregor to somehow look gorgeous in the midst of pure tragedy.

Luckily, the tragedy is just on film, so it in no way interfered with Ewan’s Sunday night at the AFI Fest premiere of his latest flick, The Impossible. The movie follows the true story of a family caught up and torn apart during the South Asian tsunami in 2004.

If you’re not already crying from that description, don’t worry, you’ll be weeping like a baby about halfway through the movie. Ewan didn’t seem to let the sad subject matter dampen his spirits. The Scottish hottie looked perfect as always in a causal suit, complete with scruffy beard. Where was Ewan’s co-star Naomi Watts last night?

We’re guessing the gorgeous blonde still has some work to do as Princess Diana. I can’t wait for the real premiere of The Impossible when Ewan and Naomi are together again. There’s just something so pleasant about looking at attractive people together, don’t you agree?

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