Ewan McGregor Is Officially An OBE Wan Kenobi

Ewan McGregor
Trainspotting Star At Film Festival
I’m sorry guys, but I just had to make that joke. Obviously.

Hey, Ewan McGregor! Congrats on becoming an OBE! The super sexy Star Wars actor was looking pretty snazzy in his Scottish kilt today as he received his Order of the British Empire medal.

Too bad he didn’t get knighted. Then we could call him Sir Ewan. I feel he’ll get that in the future. So what’s with the kilt? Ewan told reporters, “I didn’t have to think about it, that was always what I was going to wear. If you don’t wear your kilt here, I don’t know where you are going to wear it.” Good point! 

Oh and look, he’s so excited he’s Tweeting about it”

Well Ewan, I’m glad that you’re finally an OBE Wan Kenobi. Now come hang out with me so you can just sing “Your Song” over and over again.