Ewan McGregor Doesn’t Look A Thing Like Ewan McGregor Anymore

Ewan & George Hit Venice
Ewan McGregor & George Clooney look good at Venice film fest.
Woah! Ewan is that you?

Actor Ewan McGregor rocks a new look while stopping by Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood, California yesterday (May 21, 2013).

The new radical makeover is rumored to be for McGregor’s new film Jane Got A Gun. Ewan is filling for Bradley Cooper who was filling in for Jude Law who was filling in for Michael Fassbender

Joel Edgerton stars opposite McGregor, as the ex-lover of Natalie Portman’s character, who he helps fend off a team of outlaws in the western.

Thoughts on Ewan’s look? Check it out for yourself by launching the gallery and see all the pics.

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