Evil Genius In Bahamian Mansion Tapping His Fingers Together And Laughing Demonically

Howard K. Stern has successfully stalled an inquest into Daniel Smith’s death for the time being. Why wouldn’t he want people to know what killed the kid? How many spinning plates of sleazy deceit can this guy keep up in the air at the same time? Or is he just a victim of his own greed? He should be put in jail for being f*cking annoying and taking up my typing prowess, that’s what!

Howard K. Stern has temporarily derailed the inquest into Daniel Smith’s death. The judge in the case has put the inquest on ice for at least two weeks.

Stern’s lawyer argued the law allowing the inquest was flawed, because it was impossible to impanel a fair and impartial jury given the massive publicity surrounding the deaths of Anna Nicole and her son.

Stern’s lawyer is going to the Bahamian Supreme Court to argue that the hearing should be permanently blocked. Good luck with the Bahamian Supreme Court. I say that because wasn’t the Minister of Visas And Citizenship or whatever photographed laying on top of Anna and smiling like he just won first prize in the “Rope A Freaky White Girl” competition? Yeah, those Bahamian officals are top-notch and completely serious about their work.