Eve’s In Jail, And Got A Visit From Sean Penn

April 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

So Eve got busted for a D.U.I., and she’s in the pokey. And Sean Penn visited her . Things just keep getting more and more surreal.

TMZ has learned that she got an early morning celebrity visit from Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn! Talk about special treatment!

Penn arrived shortly after the rapper-actress was booked by police on suspicion on driving under the influence. As we first reported this morning, Eve was arrested after crashing her Maserati into a center divider on Hollywood Blvd. We spotted Penn leaving in a taxi close to 4:00 AM.

Police sources tell TMZ, “He came to see how Eve was doing.” No word yet if Sean and Eve had been out together before her car accident.

Is that some special celebrity D.U.I. visitor program? What? That’s cool. Sean Penn helps out during Katrina, and visits hip-hop queens who drunkenly bash into guard rails. It’s like the United Way, except silly.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Maybe, if he was out with her, he felt bad about letting her drive.

    The “We spotted Penn leaving at 4 a.m.” is ambiguous, leaving the scene or leaving the pokey? In any event he would seem like a good friend to show up at the jail, she’ll get to leave when she sobers up. Luckly nobody got hurt. $20 bucks for a cab seems like a good investment.

  2. Rhone Gal

    “It’s like the United Way, except silly.” AHAHAAA….that’s good!

  3. dondadav

    I think Eve should try to get out of everything by claiming corporal punishment. A visit from Sean Penn? That is more punishment than anyone should have to endure. Isn’t being in jail bad enough.

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