Everything We Know So Far About The Netflix Series ‘Fuller House’ [Flashback]

'Full House' Returns Home
Deej, Kimmy, Stephanie, and more return for 'Fuller House'
We are less than one week out from the Netflix release of Fuller House, and the anticipation is almost too much to handle.

Candace Cameron-Bure, Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin are all among the familiar faces we can expect when the show premieres February 26 on Netflix.

The new series, which picks up over 20-years after the original series Full House wrapped, flips the original cast formula of 3 single men raising 3 young girls, and instead we have a widowed D.J.Tanner-Fuller raising her three boys, with the help of sister Stephanie Tanner and best friend Kimmy Gibbler.

As with any series reboot, Fuller House is subject to intense scrutiny from fans who cherish the original show. However, with Full House creator Jeff Franklin, and original show producers Robert L. Boyett and Thomas L. Miller, on board from the beginning, nerves are eased. Coupled with the promise of much of the original cast returning for the new series, it would seem near impossible to mess this up for fans.

Bure, who spent 8 years of her childhood on the original series and now stars in the new series, confessed “knowing Jeff and Bob were going to run the show again, we knew we were in good hands. There was no hesitation at all.”

The new show promises to be in the same vein as the original, with a heavy focus on family and hugs. With Full House still a popularly syndicated show after 20 years, it makes sense to echo the original formula. Stamos, now an executive producer on Fuller House, confesses, “for better or worse, it’s the same show.

As we sit anxiously in preparation for the series premiere on February 26, and the inevitable marathon that will follow, we have compiled what we know so far about the characters and where their lives pick up these 21 years after Full House. Launch the gallery for more Fuller House details.