Everyone Wants A Ben Affleck Baby Face

Good news.  Your unborn child could have Matthew McConaughey’s chin if you select the right sperm donor at the California Cryobank.  The Telegraph reports that this new clinic gives infertile couples and single women the option to select celebrity lookalikes as their donors.  The options are endless.  David Beckham (whose popularity forced his lookalike sperm vials into retirement), Rick Moranis (to each his own) and even Prince William are among the celebrity lookalikes offered at the clinic. 

Ben Affleck is the most popular choice these days, with Brett Favre and Lakers’ forward Luke Walton fasting becoming celebrities people want their lil’ boppers to look like.

The clinic, which faces ethical scrutiny with their celebrity lookalike offering, wants the public to know that this practice is simply to humanize an otherwise very emotional process, explains spokesman, Scott Brown.

“People want to make some connection to the donor and this gives
them something tangible. It personalises and humanises the process. I
don’t think it’s about designer babies, it’s about communication.

not suggesting your child will look like a celebrity. Genetics is a
complicated business. I think the public perception is baby shopping
and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

It should be noted that the donor remains anonymous and it is only his celebrity likeness that is revealed.  Every kindergarten across the nation could start playing “who is your anonymous daddy and which studly celeb does he look like?”

If I were to choose, my baby would look like Felicity’s Scott Speedman.  Delicious.

Gallery Info: Ben Affleck at Le Pan Quotidien in Santa Monica on December 28th, 2009.