Everyone In Hollywood Getting Hillbilly On MySpace

Bear with me on this one. Ok, so supposedly Lohan’s MySpace or whatever got hacked and someone posted some nasty shit she wrote about Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton and whatever. Then, Shanna Moakler stuck her stripper self into things and wrote some nasty stuff and was supposedly going for the payback because some of her info got out there so she put Lohan’s and Paris’ e-mail addresses up for grabs. You still with me? So THEN Lohan’s ex Harry Morton supposedly decided to defend Lohan and went off on Shana Moakler on HIS MySpace. Damn, can the Interweb withstand all this cheese? And I’m talking about Lohan, Paris and Harry. I wouldn’t put Shanna on blast, she’ll whack a bitch. In the face!

myspace.com/privacycunt is not who everyone thinks it is, that url has been hacked/leaked and has not been her account for a while, its now run by some desperate loser who stole her url the second her account was deleted.

this fatass needs to be more focused on keeping her legs closed more then being worried about whos fucking that deadbeat rocker.

starkitten@tmail.com = 10 DILDOS IN HER ASS

DAMN! Ah, but WAIT! Shanna posted AGAIN yesterday and is claiming that it wasn’t Harry who wrote that. Keep reading for her response.

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There are numerous reasons why i posted my last blog and i stand behind every single one of them. One of those reasons, hackers and whores pretending to be people they arent and harrassing others via phone, text, and myspace. having fun at the expense of others is in poor taste and i just had enough of it. on a seperate note. I have known Harry Morton for over 10 years and i highly respect him. I know for a fact he does NOT have a Myspace account and Nor did he write a blog about me. HE actually has a life and a reputation and i wish him much success in his ventures.


Uh, Harry owns PInk Taco by the way. It’s a restaurant. No, really. Anyhow, who knows who is telling the truth because the Internet is faceless. I could be Carol Channing for all you know. But whoever did write that about her, they’re treading on thin ice. Dude, she’ll take their ass out. She’s knows how to dance (ballroom and pole) and strip and PUNCH a bitch! And why would he all be defending Lohan for anyway? Didn’t she flood his apartment or something when her coke shavins’ clogged her toilet and it overflowed on his head? It would be very forgiving and cavalier. Or she must know more tricks than a rodeo clown.