Everyone Calm Down, Mischa’s Fine

This bim hasn’t proven herself to be talented enough to care this much about. Mischa Barton’s out of the sick bay and ready to continue the fight against galactic marauders. She was filmed leaving the hospital early Tuesday morning wearing slippers and a johnny. She must have wanted out pretty bad. The official story was that she was at Nicole Richie’s Memorial Day jam and mixed cocktails with the antibiotics she was taking for bronchitis and had a bad reaction. But some reports were alleging that she took what must have been some sort of hallucinogen and had a death trip and was rolling around on the ground screaming. That’s gotta be a buzzkill when you’re partying and some spoiled little actress can’t hold her drugs.

“She was rolling around on the ground… and then suddenly she began screaming that she was dying.” The insider adds that Mischa passed out and was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital.

I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy my potato salad if that mess broke out, or enjoy my corn on the cob made the awesome way – where you wrap it in tinfoil and put it on the grill? Delish!