Everybody’s Gettin’ A Subpoena

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K-Fed ain’t playin’. Britney’s (former?) bodyguard Daimon Shippen was served with papers last night. He’s being called to testify about Brit’s (lack of) mother skills. Daimon, if you recall, was the kinda apey looking dude who was snapped escorting Brit around convenience stores, Apparently he accompanied her to church and was a trusted employee.

Regardless, Spears rehired the newly independent bodyguard earlier this year, and the two had made a habit of hanging out, with Shippen escorting the pop star to a production of Wicked and to church. Tabloids and gossip sites were buzzing last month that the two were romantically involved, although both claim the relationship has always been nothing but professional.

It’s unclear whether Shippen is still in Spears’ employ; he was working security for another client Monday night when he was served with the subpoena.

Shippen is said to be the guy who caught SPF when Britney almost dropped his ass last May. K-Fed’s lawyer used the same Israeli commando terrorist whatever dude to serve Shippen who served Alli Simms. In case someone pulled a gun or some such thing? K-Fed is ready for any eventuality. He grows his own. Believe it.