“Everybody Hates Chris” Doesn’t Hate Isaiah Washington

Wow. Yup, that’s my clumsiest blog post title yet–at least for this morning.

Now that a few stars like Katherine Heigl, Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris have publicy voiced their support for T.R. Knight in the wake of the “F-word” scandal surrounding Isaiah Washington, Washington’s supporters are sounding off as well. Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews (who reprise the roles of parents on the CW’s “Everybody Hates Chris”) have recently spoken in defense of Washington. From E! News Online:

She [Tichina] continued: “And things happen, you know? And [Isaiah] has apologized. Let’s move on. His personality has nothing to do with his professionalism and how he works and what a good actor he is. I know him personally, and he’s a wonderful guy. He and his wife. So, let’s move on. Michael Richards apologized and we moved on.”

Terry added: “I know Isaiah is a wonderful guy. I know him and his wife very well. You know, it’s like she said. If someone was to catch you in a road rage…Everybody’s been through it. It is a family. Things get said and you know, tensions get tight. I mean, I love these two [hugs Tichina and Tyler James Williams, who plays Chris], and sometimes [laughing], I wanna kill them! There are times that I’m like, ‘I wanna kill this little kid!’ But you have to let that go and continue on.”

Meanwhile, ABC has got some more trouble a-brewing, with the star of “Ugly Betty,” America Ferrera apparently calling Salma Hayek the C-word behind her back. I’m totally kidding. I’m just so tired of this story that I’ve now started making up new controversies in my head.

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