Everybody Loves Jeremiah Brent!

October 26th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Jeremiah Brent is a gift from hair ‘do heaven, and we want him to be a permapart of The Rachel Zoe Project.

After being fired because they had no use for him, then brought back to decorate Skyler’s nursery, Mandana summored ‘Miah back to Zoe, Inc for a new challenge: To design and build a store-within-a-store for Rachel Zoe inside Bloomingdale’s.  And he nailed it.

And just like Veronica Corningston nailed the evening news, so did Jeremiah.  Installations are your thing, brosefton.

6 Delicious Photos Of Jeremiah Brent

Mandana and Zoe freaked Edward Cullen out, but the powers that be at Bloomie’s decided to expand Zoe’s little empire into not one more store…but eight more stores!

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Amy

    He’s gorgeous, and he seems truly nice and level-headed. I just started watching Zoe this season, but I like Jeremiah a lot.

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