Everybody! Anna Kendrick Is Getting Hitched!

Retro Anna Kendrick
Anna goes for a retro look in Glamour UK.
Well, in her new movie The Last 5 Years at least.

Anna Kendrick looked like the most beautiful bride you’d ever seen as she donned quite the lovely wedding dress on the set of her new flick. And we didn’t only get to see the beauty get fake married.

We get to see her get fake engaged, too! And to super hottie, Jeremy Jordan no less. I just want you guys to remember that while they’re getting engaged and married these two are singing. Are you hearts melting yet? 

Good, cause they should be. Also, Anna should totally steal that wedding dress for her own wedding cause it looks flawless on her. Actually, she just steal all the wardrobe from this movie cause it’s all really good. Guys, I cannot even wait for this movie to come out. Imagine the super awesome press tour! Have we talked about how Anna is my favorite human? Cause she is.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Anna and her faux-beau Jeremy getting kissy in their wedding attire. Are you as excited about The Last 5 Years as we are? Let us know in the comments!