Every Time A Prisoner Finds Jesus, An Angel Gets Its Wings…

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, recently sent Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown of the New York Daily News his latest work: an editorial cartoon depicting the evil forces surrounding his daughter, who appears as a victim at the hands of the people tugging at her in multiple directions. Serving time at the Collins Correctional Facility outside of Buffalo, Lohan is spending his time pondering his daughter’s current situation and the decisions he’s made in his own life:

In the 46-year-old Lohan’s cartoon, these include money-grubbing lawyers with devil’s horns, a prison guard, a paparazzo and an Ugg-booted woman who might be Lindsay’s mom, Dina, or her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik. They’re all tearing the daughter away from her dear old dad. “Shame on you,” declares the Lord Almighty, who’s shown glowering and pointing from heaven. “Don’t you know that some things are sacred!?!” Also depicted – in see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil poses – are Lindsay’s younger siblings, Michael, Alina and Cody. On the back of the cartoon, the artist has scribbled: “The Spiritual Realities and Physical Elements of the truth behind this whole situation.” In his accompanying handwritten letter, Lohan – who’s serving up to four years for drunken driving, contempt of court and beating his brother-in-law bloody with a shoe – discusses his “stupid decisions,” his new spirituality, an inspirational book he’s written and his intention to help troubled teens through a ministry when he gets out of prison.

Now THAT’S definitely the uncle you don’t want to be stuck next to at Thanksgiving dinner.

Written by Lisa Timmons

( x17online.com)