Even Other Goddesses Love Meryl Streep

Kate Winslet, like most of woman-kind, thinks Meryl Streep pretty much gets it right in all areas of life. Even though she accepted an Oscar in 2009 for her role in ‘The Reader’ with royal gratitude and grace, Kate holds Meryl as the golden standard for class.

Kate recently said, “Meryl Streep as an actress has always been an icon for me and for women of my generation as a whole, I think. We all want to be Meryl. I sometimes feel like, ‘Thank God we have her!’ She hasn’t adjusted herself at all, she remains totally true to who she is.”

Oh, ugh, I want to be Meryl, too. It’s amazing how captivated this woman has managed to make an entire species. I feel like Meryl is one of those freak phenomenons that my dad likes, my boyfriend thinks is “legit”, my mom adores, and even my 14 year old brother digs. Somehow Meryl has managed to balance the right amount of, whatever, to make a hot cake that just doesn’t cool.

I have to say though, that if anyone can mirror Meryl’s career and follow in her grounded foot-steps, it’s most definitely Kate Winslet. She’s a knockout actress, and a woman all we normal-kind can relate to. Not to mention the fierce brow that she is giving as she departs from Heathrow Airport on her way back stateside. I got love in my heart for Meryl AND Kate.