Evangeline Lily Jogs In Bikini

October 5th, 2005 // 35 Comments

Jogging without shoes isn’t probably the best way to go.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. marueen

    pretty rough

  2. Brian

    Maybe she LOST them…….(sorry,I couldn’t stop myself)

  3. Liz

    That takes some balls.

  4. blah

    She looks like Lily Tomlin. Not pretty at all.

  5. Girly Girl

    Blah? Get some glasses. She is gorgeous. And her body?

    Uh, if my body looked like that I would jog naked.

    Through the streets of NYC.

    With a flashing neon sign over my head that said ‘LOOK! Naked hottie jogger girl.’

    I would never wear clothing again.

  6. Renee

    She’s probably just jogging to grab a towel or something. No way she’s out for her morning jog. She’s pretty hot though!

  7. Mariana

    She’s such a fox. I can’t believe she got her job in “Lost” out of nowhere. I’ve heard she’s really nice, so I guess she deserves it. Let’s just hope she doesn’t morph into an asshole.

  8. mimi

    shes really pretty, body is a little square. but shes hot

  9. Yeeah

    I think she has a cute little body. Hips,boobs,ass..Rock on Evangeline!

  10. jim

    hot as thin as I thought. Oh the power of TV.

  11. doofus

    LOL, girly girl. I’m with YOU!

    If I had that body I’d be naked a lot, too. she looks slim and yet very “firmed-up” at the same time.

  12. twotoo

    Her legs are shorter and thicker than I thought, but you know what–she is beautiful and REAL, and that is very refreshing these days. Beautiful face, beautiful girl. She’s my fave.

  13. Plague

    She is HOTNESS personified. How the hell that little hobbit is getting into her pants is beyond my comprehension.

  14. linz

    how did you hear she lost her job mariana?

  15. She’s not jogging shes running away…haha.

  16. Implant Inspector

    This girl on “Lost” has zero sex appeal and hanging with a hobbit repells my British ass. She reminds me of girls that smell fishy and rebuke their Fathers wishes of being ‘womanly’. My only hope is that she falls off a cliff with said boyfriends’ willie in her jaws.

  17. Chick-a-Boo

    Um, she may be nice and all that but… hello, what a masculine body! You all can wish for her body if you’d like but I’ll keep my curves, thank you.

  18. Spock

    she’s not ugly but she has a common face and a manly body… she’s not hot at all.

  19. Implant Inspector

    I’m all for curves, as long as they are Marilyn Monroesque. So said by this Man.

  20. A Boy and His Dog

    Jogging barefoot is the easy part.
    Not tripping over the paparazzi…
    now THAT, takes talent!

  21. Phil Knight

    Acutally, jogging barefoot isn’t neccesarilly a bad thing: http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,68474,00.html

  22. DAMN!

    She looks like a body builder….a little too “manly” around the edges…maybe she and China could kick it!

  23. paco kane

    lots of people in Hawaii jog without shoes…she was probably on the way to the beach. i’ve seen her jogging on the beach before

  24. bob

    Canadian chicks rule. !!1!!

  25. Persephone

    When I first saw this pic, I thought she was Lily Taylor. Plain and very boyish figure, but of course some guys actually like this. Just goes to show what Hollywood makeup and hair folks can do.

  26. kate

    the most recent issue of rolling stone said her body was off the hook..? its alright, but nothing to write home about.

  27. mnc

    she is in fantastic shape… kudos

  28. adrian

    Maybe she’s not jogging. Maybe she’s doing the walk of shame from a pool party.

  29. CityKitty

    I second chick-a-boo’s emotion. But I do think she is very pretty, just more straight-up-and-down than I would like to be.

    But different strokes for different folks. You go, Evangeline!

  30. :)

    she doesn’t have a waist.. but she has thunder thighs!

  31. kim

    you guys are just hating. she’s gorgeous and fit!

  32. luna

    think she looks a bit male

  33. Tyson Funk

    she is my middle school home ec teachers daughter no joke. he was an awesome teacher too. the started out as a small model and then got hooked up for an acting career

  34. DANNY

    evangeline liiy is fucking fit

  35. Bon idee

    lol what episode is that shot from:)

    evangeline is the hottest chick around because she’s so real, and you can tell shes lovely as……….fit fit fit right little hottie

    peace out UK UK

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