Evangeline Lilly Gets Blazed

Partially because I think I’m intent on turning Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes into a mythical, Tupac/Elvis being, whom no one really believes is truly gone–but mostly because I like to throw out some trivial VH1 “Behind the Music” knowledge I’ve garnered over the years–do I like to suspect a “from beyond the supernatural” reoccurence of a notorious shoe burning in a tub as the cause of this blaze. Life&Style reports:

An insider tells Life & Style that friends, family and colleagues are rallying to Evangeline’s side to replace the star’s and her roommates’ clothes, furniture and electronics, since they lost everything in the blaze.

“Evangeline is most upset about the personal stuff — photos, paintings, things you can’t replace,” says the insider. “She has no idea how the fire started, but she’s looking at the bright side of this awful event. She’s happy that no one was hurt and knows the things she lost are just material objects. We all feel awful for her that this happened during the holidays, but luckily her boyfriend Dominic Monaghan said she can stay with him as long as she needs to. Evangeline is more shocked then anything.”

Hmm…I am totally taking notes. I too have been wondering how I can get my boyfriend to commit to living together. Let me go put gas on my shopping list right quick…

Photos of the aftermath of the blaze are after the jump.

EXCLUSIVE: Evangeline Lilly’s house burns down! [Life&Style Weekly]

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