Evan Rachel Wood Is Defensive

Evan Rachel Wood is shilling her new weirdo musical sorta-Beatles film “Across The Universe” in Canada and she had some spicy things to say to people who have an issue with her dating Marilyn Monroe and assuming she’s an airhead. She breaks it down for us.

Do you prefer being brunette?

I have to keep it blond for roles, so I could go either way. But now I can’t dye my hair black, because that would mean I’m a zombie.

Since you’re dating Marilyn Manson?

People need to grow up about that.

But people love when celebrities fall in love.

I think people really get off on seeing someone fail. No one is waiting for me to say something smart. An actress is stupid–that’s the best news. It’s on CNN. People tell me I’m immature, and Britney’s crotch is on CNN. Who the hell is immature?

Take that, world! I’m pissed! What the hell is she so defensive about? She stole that attention-whoring goblin from the burlesque chick and people noticed and people also noticed she’s barely legal. You don’t live in a vacuum, Evie. Get off your teenage angst high horse. People think it’s a little icky that you’re spreading for the Child Catcher from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. We’re only human, your majesty.