Evan Rachel Wood Is Defensive

September 13th, 2007 // 19 Comments

Evan Rachel Wood is shilling her new weirdo musical sorta-Beatles film “Across The Universe” in Canada and she had some spicy things to say to people who have an issue with her dating Marilyn Monroe and assuming she’s an airhead. She breaks it down for us.

Do you prefer being brunette?

I have to keep it blond for roles, so I could go either way. But now I can’t dye my hair black, because that would mean I’m a zombie.

Since you’re dating Marilyn Manson?

People need to grow up about that.

But people love when celebrities fall in love.

I think people really get off on seeing someone fail. No one is waiting for me to say something smart. An actress is stupid–that’s the best news. It’s on CNN. People tell me I’m immature, and Britney’s crotch is on CNN. Who the hell is immature?

Take that, world! I’m pissed! What the hell is she so defensive about? She stole that attention-whoring goblin from the burlesque chick and people noticed and people also noticed she’s barely legal. You don’t live in a vacuum, Evie. Get off your teenage angst high horse. People think it’s a little icky that you’re spreading for the Child Catcher from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. We’re only human, your majesty.


By J. Harvey

  1. Shoshanna

    J. Harvey, posts like this make me LOVE you! You slay me with that wit, and I totally agree. (I’m definitely Team Dita over here).

  2. What Rachel

    She’s defensive because she’s starting to question herself and her choices. To use Britney as a comparison means she’s trying to manipulate public opinion. not working……..

  3. bahhhhhhh

    haha she’s extra weird if she’s dating marilyn monroe.

  4. HS

    J. Harvey you KILL me. That was hysterical.
    Well said.

  5. woman

    ehhh… he is so f*cking gross these days… she has nothing to be proud of

    I will bet any amount of money that Dita rolled over one morning, looked at that nasty train wreck and ran for the hills… smart girl

  6. julia

    talk about defensive. christ.

  7. Brittany

    hilarious! you crack me up!

  8. Cheesy

    He’s soooooo gross. Where are his eyebrows? Wonder what he looks like without the makeup, because with it, he looks like a clown. Has he gained weight?

  9. jen

    I agree with bahhhhh, it is weird she’s dating Marilyn Monroe…I thought she was dead?

  10. Demmit J. Harvey!!! I see fresh nightmares about the Child Catcher from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” coming right up!!!!

    I need a hug.

  11. nastybugger

    yeah, defensive is how I’d see that, too.

    cheesy, without the make up he’s even UGLIER…I think that’s one of the reasons he wears it. he can cover up his fugness and at the same time show everyone how cool and goth and alternative he is.

    BARF. he’s such a fucking poser.

  12. stuffs

    That freaks wearing more makeup then that jail bait whore. Lets hope these two satanic scum bags dont breed.

  13. StarrFaithfull

    I have no doubt that she is fabulously in love with him and he is fabulously in love with a beautiful 19 year old thinking he’s awesome. But one day, she look across the room and see not her Heathcliff, her dark groom.

    She will see her fat boyfriend in a linty cape, doing his absinthe rambles, and think, “Oh fuck. With the goddamn Aleister Crowley bullshit again…” and decide maybe this whirlwind romance had its time and place.

  14. T-Bone

    Exactly, StarrFaithful — she’ll grow out of this, but for now she’s rebellious. And what better way to say F – YOU to society than to date, sleep with, and do drugs with this dude.

  15. Pepper

    “I think people really get off on seeing someone fail.”

    Yes, and we also love it when we can watch an immature, full-of-herself actress turn herself into a bizarre carbon copy of her boyfriend’s previous girlfriend.

    “No one is waiting for me to say something smart.”

    No. We’re definitely not expecting that.

  16. TS

    Is she getting paid to be his girlfriend? As in, here’s a 100 grand for the first year, $200 grand for the next, a quarter million dollars if you have a baby, get engaged what have you?

    On the other hand, 19 year old girls can be really dumb in their dating choices.

  17. veronica

    i think that evan can go out with who she wants and she shouldnt be judged if she loves Marolin Manson then i hope that you 2 are happy together and 1 other thing i am a huge fan off you Evan so you and marolin dont take any notice off what these pricks have said about you .

    love xxx

  18. hater

    the writers opinions are ignorant. the word that comes to mind is C.U.N.T

  19. Amy

    I respectfully disagree with your opinion.
    Maybe if people didn’t spend so much time blogging about how stupid they think people are, no celebrity would feel the need to say something like that.

    They’re just people with money, don’t you have better things to do than bull shit about that?

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