Evan Dando Popped Bijou’s Cherry In Rehab

Ah, you have to love the internet.

blood painting by pete doherty

look mom! see what i can do with the blood after i shoot up? i’m so artistic..i mean autistic. i’ve been wondering what pete doherty’s job is. since he’s clearly not in a band anymore.

this picture reminds me of the time when bijou phillips came to our office with a client and kept interrupting our efforts to conduct business with her inane stories about how evan dando popped her cherry in rehab.

when she stood up on the chair across my desk to recite one of her “poems” about sex sex sex that was when i drew the line.

i put bijou at a little table with a basket of arts and crafts supplies and told her to make something pretty and keep herself occupied while the big people talked about work.

at the end, she presented me with a collage that included her hair (ceremoniously cut off loudly as she tried to get our attention) and crayon drawings. i threw it away when i closed down mfpr because frankly, it gave me the creeps.

i never met someone more disconnected and self-absorbed in my life. i’d make fun of her, but i must admit. i TRULY felt sorry for her.

(Source: mf from mfcohen.com)