Evan Rachel Wood Says Kate Winslet Makes A Great Naked Coach

It’s great to have friends who can walk you through the awkward stuff.

At the New York premiere Monday night, Evan Rachel Wood told E! News that Mildred Pierce co-star Kate Winslet guided Wood through her very naked scene, according to People.  Winslet explained,  “[I was] talking to [Evan] about how to find a level of confidence within something like [nudity].  It is really strange – nudity. And I know I have done it many times now. But you never really get used to it.”

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Winslet was cheering her co-star on from behind the camera, making sure there was someone to throw a robe on Wood after the scene wrapped.  Having done the naked thing in the past (and even nabbing an Oscar for it), Winslet is familiar with the process but did acknowledge that it never gets easier.

Mildred Pierce premieres on HBO March 27th.