Evan Rachel Wood Has Got The New Mom Glow & It Definitely Looks Good On Her

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan at the 2011 Emmy Awards.
OK, so she’s been a mom for 6 months, but I still think that qualifies Evan Rachel Wood as a new mom, non?

The gorgeous actress looked happy and radiant in LA earlier today as she headed to lunch with her son and her mom. Did you know that she and husband Jamie Bell have managed to keep their son’s name a secret this whole time? Unless Evan pulls an Adele and wears his name as a necklace, we might never know. Fascinating.

So have you seen the trailer for Evan’s new movie? 

It’s called Barefoot and it stars Evan as a psychiatric patient who falls in love with Scott Speedman. I mean, wouldn’t you fall in love with him? I won’t lie you guys, I’m super into this movie. Obviously we know how it’ll end, but these two look cute together. I look forward to it.

Watch the trailer for Barefoot below then launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Evan and her baby boy. When I was younger I felt kinda “meh” about her, but now she’s really growing on me.