Evan Peters Is Out In The Open, Literally! Talks About Nudity On ‘American Horror Story’ [PHOTOS]

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Evan Peters is more than just the 25-year-old star from St. Louis, Missouri that we know from American Horror Story (Tate Langdon, Season 1; Kit Walker, Season 2). He worries about the same things that we all do. You know, like having to show some private parts on television and being strapped into a straitjacket.

Wait, maybe that’s just him.

Anyway, with the second season of the drama now here, Peters spills on some inside scoop on his role of Kit Walker, which involves some tush action.

Alongside the appearance of Hottie McHottie Adam Levine on the show, Peters’ bottom got some on-air time too. According to Vulture, the actor wasn’t too shy talking about it either. I guess once it’s all out there, talking about it is nothing.

I have a great picture of me naked on a bed just wearing a cock sock, and the crew is all around me, bored. We were all waiting for a film roll or a lens to arrive. So I’m just sitting around naked on the bed and everyone’s so nonchalant. It was really weird for me, like, Man, this is awkward.

That would have been a little awks for me too! Maybe it helps that everyone else on set made it seem like no big deal.

Once someone’s seen your balls, it’s over. It’s fine. Everything’s good. They didn’t even say anything. Sarah (Paulson) just walked over after that [take] and kissed me on the cheek. I was like, Why? What’s happening? That’s when I realized. I was mortified.

At least it’s not all nakey nakey for him. He gets to play around with a Boston accent and some aliens. Fun! Aside from the bun showing, Peters is picking up some inspiration from filming the series.

Sarah (Paulson) really cares a lot about the work, but she maintains such a good sense of humor throughout the whole thing. How she can jump in and out of the seriousness, that amazes me. That’s something I look up to. I have a hard time [snapping out of] a tense scene.

Well, I’d like to hope he’d be able to snap out of a scene that involves some nudity. Either way, his girlfriend Emma Roberts is a real lucky gal; he seems so down to earth (and he isn’t bad to look at too). Just take a look at the gallery and see for yourself!