Eva Mendes Quote of the Day

February 1st, 2007 // 6 Comments

“When I put weight on, it doesn’t go to my ass or thighs. It goes straight to my boobs.”


More of Eva Mendes and her boobs from her Maxim photo shoot after the jump.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Yeah!
    What the hell!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Please, this woman hasn’t eaten over 700 calorie in a day for years. Nice try Eva!

  3. J

    I seriously must be the only one who thinks that this chick is not attractive. That overbite? Those eyebrows? Overrated as hell! I know that they’re looking for a J-Lo replacement, but seriously, not her!

  4. ifyousayso

    maybe that’s b/c she’s had all the fat in her ass and thighs (stomach, etc.) lipoed out; therefore, it has nowhere else to go.

  5. If that is true then why doesn’t she eat a bunch and get huge boobs? What a stupid thing for her to say.

  6. sandie

    For J:
    I bet not all the girls think ur hot and that does not mean u r not, she’s just not ur type.

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