Eva Mendes & Joaquin Phoenix

March 9th, 2006 // 13 Comments


Despite the denials of Eva Mendes, that she and Joaquin Phoenix are not dating, the rumors still persist. That’s what happens when photos of the couple keep surfacing.

According to the New York Daily News, the two stars, who are currently working on the film We Own the Night in New York, made no secret of their feelings for one another. A source said, “They held hands and danced together. It was weird – everyone knows she has a longtime boyfriend.”

Mendes, who is a former girlfriend of actor Matt Damon, is currently in a relationship with director George Gargurevich. A spokesperson for the actress denies that Mendes and Phoenix are a couple, but said that the two are good friends.

Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes Spotted Together [soFeminine]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    That puta stole my man! I so wanna hump his harelip. I mean, uh, birthmark…

    I guess being linked to a white-hot actor will do more for her career than dating a no-name director. That’s Hollywood folks!

  2. lee

    they make a gorgeous pair!
    anyway, joaquin actually looks like johnny cash now.

  3. doofus

    lee, you took the words right outta my mouth!

    what a sexy couple they make…I always thought Joaquin was hot, and Eva is one of those women that “straight” girls get crushes on.

    and I ALSO thought “geez, he’s starting to look like Cash OFF-camera, too!”

  4. Reader


    I can’t believe people who are shooting a movie together have been… SEEN TOGETHER!

    And holding hands and dancing? You’ve never ever done that with a male friend before?

    Now, if they were feeling eachother up or making out in a corner, that’s something else entirely.

    This is just non-news, at best.

  5. Jorg

    Hey, i also like his hairlip. Its awesome. who else here likes cleft lip and/or cleft lip scars.

  6. sodoff

    Believe it or not he was actually born in Puerto Rico.

    Matt Damon seems to like the latinas too, I didn’t know he dated her too.

  7. port

    He does look like JC and I think he is in love with Eva…why else would he say it at the Oscars for everyone to see..I’m happy for him..he needs someone..they look good together.. anyone but Lohan!!

  8. sarah

    Joaquin was saying I love you EVA?!?! ..noo I don’t buy that, that would’ve been wayyyy too soon for anything like that! aghhh

  9. rosie

    Well if Joaquin is dating Eva GOOD for him he needs someone in his life and why not a latina. They look great, but if this is just a rumor I hope he finds someone special. Hopefully not some young actress,he needs a real women.

  10. meg

    For everyones info Joaquin said at the Oscars “I love you Indiana” Not “I love you Eva” Indiana August is his neice daughter of Summmer Phoenix and Casey Affleck. Ciao!

  11. menna

    i hope the become jsut friends not lovers he deserve a good woman care abou him not an actress

  12. Dizzle

    I hate her. He is waaaay good for her and like you said, menna, he needs a real woman…like for instance…me! I really hope it doesn’t work out; I know that sounds bad, but whatever. I really hate this one, Joaq!

  13. Helena

    Dizzle, well said. But Joaquin, settle down AFTER your career goes to hell, for now, date MEEEE!!!! I really don’t like Eva, she seems sooo prissy. He’s got too much of a heart to go for a hussy.

    …And yeah, just because they’re dancing together doesn’t mean that they’re dating….suuuuuuure, but how many guy friends stop at that? They ALWAYS want more!!! God, all you have to do is touch them and they want sex. Now if they’re dancing together…..plus he hasn’t gotten any in a while and he said he’s good at hiding relationships. Something’s going on there….

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