Eva Mendes Doesn’t Think Will Ferrell Is That Funny

Eva Mendes better watch what she says! I get it that’s she’s really excited that people have finally realized she’s funny, but girl, please: you are not funnier than Will Ferrell. And that’s kind of what she seemed to be getting at in a recent interview.

He’s not that funny in person,” Mendes, pictured arriving at LAX Aug. 3, told E! “I
didn’t laugh once on this movie.” Ouch. No matter the context, that’s never a good quote to appear in print about your co-star in the new COMEDY The Other Guys… 

But then, she started laughing hysterically: “These guys, to me, are like my dream team. [Director} Adam McKay is like my comedy god!”

Oh wait…I guess the joke’s on me then. Watch the video of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell getting funny after the jump. Damn, this girl is getting good at the bait and switch.