Eva Longoria’s New Man

August 23rd, 2005 // 17 Comments

Someone named Jimmy Gamboa. I’m assuming that he’s enjoying her waxing habits. How about we try to name everyone Eva’s “dated.” I’ll start. JC Chasez.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Wilmer Valderamalamadingdong anf that basketball player guy who was probablt hung like a horse….

  2. man I need to learn how to type….either that or stop drinking at work :)

  3. KittyWithAWhip

    Um, thought she was “engaged” to Tony Parker? That lasted long.

  4. doofus

    yeah, that woman gets around! I too thought she was engaged to Tony Parker…and she was learning French for him, etc…

    I’ll give her credit for being able to pull off the orange. not many people can wear that color…wear it WELL, anyway.

    Tara tried but…well, Tara tries a LOT of things that don’t work.

  5. mary

    I dont watch Desperate Housewives, so I never understood what the hype around Eva Longoria is about. All I know is everytime I see her in a magazine or online, she’s ALWAYS with a man and different ones too. Pretty disgusting.

  6. Laura Lord Belle

    Olive and/or dark complexion skin can pull off orange !

  7. doofus

    hey Laura Lord Bell…

    I know! and I’m jealous! I have pretty fair skin and reddish brown hair, and I CANNOT wear either orange OR yellow. I know the grass is always greener, but I’ve always wished that I had a darker complexion. (with Irish on both sides, that ain’t really possible…) I had a very good friend who was mostly Serbian, and she had such a beautiful skin tone with almost black hair. She could pull it off, too…but she was jealous of other assets I have…like boobs and naturally curly hair.

    I know what lengths people go to to try to make themselves into something they’re not, so I try to be happy with what I was blessed with.

  8. J

    I believe his name is more properly spelled “Goombah”. Nice lid!

  9. passer

    to doofus: why does it sound like you are self-promoting?

    Eva Longoria is a hoe-bag – end of story. I wouldnt touch her cuz she’s probably disease-filled.

  10. STU

    nice Gucci visor! holla @ your boys dawg. HOLLA!!

    what’s with dood’s lumberjack jacket?

  11. doofus

    self promoting?

    not my intention.

    just stating facts. if you find it hard to believe that someone would simply be happy with what they’re born with, and says so, you must lead a very cynical life.

    and FYI, I’m not always happy with my boobs (there are a lot of things I can’t wear) or my hair (humidity frizz extraordinaire!) but when I see women mangle themselves for bigger boobs, and ruin their hair with a perm, I am just glad to have what I have.

    I didn’t mean to come off as “promoting” myself…just making a point that most people want to change something about themselves but that it’s a more healthy attitude to embrace what you’ve got and love yourself the way you are.

    ooooooo, that was a little sappy…sorry.

  12. saima

    she’s gross

  13. anti-housewives

    I hate desperate housewives, and Eva Longoria is a twat.

  14. TasAnnie

    That visor sealed it…

    First, does anyone wear Gucci signature stuff anymore? Second, it’s a VISOR. Third, it’s too big. He obviously dashed into a shop, saw it, thought “hey…this should impress her” and bought it.

    The only way this would work is if he were completely covered in Gucci signature stuff, then the fact that he was wearing a visor would be camouflaged.

  15. Bouj

    Now, part of me is upset I didn’t get some of that back in college (we went to college together at Texas A&M-Kingsville), so I could say I did (I know, me and everyone else, right?) Then again, part of me is glad, because she was less groomed then, and I am not down with that.

    And she dated a lot of guys back in college too.

  16. Whatwhat

    Eva Longoria is a douche-bag.

  17. Samson

    Eva seen with man. SHOCK. She should probably not meet any men, she may just stop rumors that she’s screwing them all. Of course is she went around with women she’d then be a lesbian.

    Eva Longoria should see no one.

    AND FYI she isn’t engaged to Parker. More tabloid trash.

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